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Community Spotlight: Blog Introduction

Today, MMORPG.com launched our new Blog feature. In this week's Community Spotlight, Managing Editor Jon Wood gives us a short introduction to the new system.

This week's Community Spotlight is a little bit different from the ones that have come before it. Usually, we take a look at one or more threads that have cropped up on the forums and see what people have to say. This time though, things have changed a little bit. As of today, MMORPG.com is playing host to user blogs.

I remember when blogging was new, and I can remember thinking that it wouldn't catch on. I was wrong about that, as they have become a vital part of the way that people communicate online. They're used for everything from keeping your friends and family in the loop about your life, to genuine hard-news reporting.

When MMORPG.com was looking into what other features we could offer to our users, blogs seemed like the obvious choice. Having this system in place, our users will be able to have their individual voices and opinions about MMOs, the industry (or really anything else for that matter), heard.

This being launch-day for the feature, I wanted to highlight some of the blogs that are already up and running:

MMORPG.com user Paragus1 has created his own blog called Paragus Rants. In his first entry, he writes an in-depth essay rant on Unfinished MMOs, including his own "Five Facts about unfinished MMOs":

In light of some of the recent games in the MMO genre, I just want to take some time out to rant about "Unfinished MMOs". Now don't get me wrong here, I understand that no MMO is ever really "finished", but there is a big difference between being "finished" and being in an "Acceptable Retail" version.

I am going to throw Vanguard under the bus as an example (There are countless others) because at the time of me writing this, it is the most recent and one of the most highlighted examples I have seen regarding this issue. This is a game I have followed very closely since its beta, sorry let me correct that, non-retail beta, through members of the guild who were among the select few who were chosen to test the closed beta. Quite frankly, if you had seen this game develop, it was painfully obvious that this game never had a chance in hell.

You can read his whole blog here.

User Vinadil writes about looking for other gamers in the first entry of his blog, "Vinnie's Corner":

I have to admit that only a certain few people in my "crowd" that I normally socialize with know that I am a "gamer". That is by design as the term "gamer" still carries with it some negative connotations. People still picture the comic book guy from Simpson's or some equally pitiful picture of social inadequacy. The implication is that the gamer has lost all touch with the "real world" and has become enthralled with one or many purely fictional worlds.

I used to think that was a bad thing. I always thought of myself as the "cool gamer". Yes, I know, such a thing does not exist. I have heard it time and time again. But, really, I AM the cool gamer. Still, I suppose I may trend more towards the "gamer" than the "cool" when you get down to it. Two simple conversations made this more clear to me just today...

You can read the rest of Vinadil's entry here.

Obviously, these are just a couple of the new blogs that have been started here at MMORPG.com, and as time goes on, we plan on adding new features as well. In his own blog, "MMORPG.com Development Blog" our own "Meddle", mentions user image galleries, staff convention blogs, "and other exciting features".

So, for those of you who think you might be interested in starting your own blog, all you need is your own MMORPG.com free account. Once you've signed up for that, simply visit our Blogs Section. Enjoy, and happy blogging!


Jon Wood