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This week, we're starting a new mini-feature here at MMORPG.com. Our friends at MMOGames are teaming up on a recurring basis to highlight each other's content across the web. After all, we're all in this crazy MMO fandom together, so we might as well be friends! Insert the War picture here...

The Best of MMOGames for the Week of July 24th

Casting a The Secret World movie... Ever wonder who'd play your favorite characters from The Secret World? Well, so has Mrs. Shannon Doyle, who put together this list explaining her picks. F2P look at Gigantic: Chris Hughes takes a look at Motiga's long-gestating MOBA in this unscored review. FFXIV ReShade guide: ReShade is a tool that makes your FFXIV screenshots look absolutely stunning, as well as the game itself. Read this for the how-to and what-fors of the tool. Whatever happened to… : In this recurring article series, Shannon Doyle looks at games that came and went with a whimper, and what exactly happened to them in the process.  The Tyrian Chronicle: Post One Path Ends Guild Wars 2 Dev Q&A: MMOGames got to sit down with the ArenaNet devs and ask them a few questions about the final episode of GW2's Season 3.

Highlights from Around the Web

MMO-Central - Valiance Online Livestream Recap | Find out all you need to know about the upcoming superheroic MMO in this livestream VOD and quick recap.

Massively OP - FFXI's Latest Update Tweaks the Monk | MOP's Eliot takes a look at FFXI's recent changes.

MMOHuts Reviews Paladins' Jenos | Jason Parker looks at the new character to Hi-Rez's Paladins.

Got something else we should all read? Add it in the comments! Let the love shine on, people! MMO Sites Unite!


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