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All Around Norrath - Remember When?

J Williams Posted:
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EQII - All Around Norrath - Remember When?

Today, we kick off a new column as Adele Caelia travels the world of Norrath in EverQuest II, talking to players about their experiences. Today, she talks to folks about their fondest EQII memories, and shares some of her own.

With the upcoming third birthday of Everquest II it is not surprising that many players find themselves reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Just like in real life, as time goes by people look to the past, and think about what once was. A favorite topic that has been going around as of late is the “Remember when?”

This prompted a few guild mates and myself to play on our alts and visit one of our favorite old zones, The Ruins of Varsoon. As we made our way through the ruins we realized that we were doing more talking than fighting. Our past encounters were more on our minds than the golems currently pounding us into oblivion.

The Ruins of Varsoon were at one time “the place to be”, and there would always be players LFG standing in front of the ladder, or the grate that led into the zone. Remember when those LFG players would suddenly find themselves being massacred by the giant purple ape that lived in the very back of the zone? Players would draw aggro, and run for their lives, hoping that it would turn around and leave them be, but this was not the case, and the purple monkey would follow them all the way to the front forcing them to zone out. Did the monkey go home now that its prey was out of site? Oh no, he would stick around and snack on the poor players who stood there LFG! Of course this is no longer possible since this game mechanic has been changed, but it’s still pretty funny to think back on it. The zone holds so many memories for all of us. Remember when someone in the group wouldn’t make the jump into the tunnel? They would fall into the spider pit and aggro all the spiders down there. Remember when players would camp the golem room for enchanted shards? They went for 5g each after all! That was big money back then. How about the elevator to the mines in Zek? Players had to be careful to watch their step. Someone could be standing there, invisible, ready to pull the lever and watch them fall to their death.

All this reminiscing and traveling back to the past prompted me to go around the world of Norrath, my server and others, to find out what special memories other players hold dear to their Norrathian hearts. Here are some of their favorite memories:

Invoker Quindilaer, The Sage of the Shard- “I would have to say the prismatic raid. It was my first raid with 24 good friends. Ventrillo was alive with laughter and excitement. This was my first online game, and it all really peaked at that time. Sadly those people have moved on.”

Blaq- “Joining my first guild. I got to go and do a lot of things that I couldn’t before.”

Avenger Erra, Hunter of Clockworks- “Best moments have been in small groups where everything frells up. There’s nothing as humorous as that if you have the right group.”

Lady Aarinta Bellator- “The friends I have made from all over the world. I am in Holland for example, and I have friends all over the world. I enjoy their company and for me this game is about companionship, and connecting with people across the globe.”

Oliviaaz- “Toughie. Probably the first time I got my flying carpet when POF came out. It was a new zone, and me and a few real life friends did it.”

Arcanist Isult Nineve, Destroyer of Vampires- “Finally killing Darathar for the prismatic questline. It was hideous… months it took just for him. The guild I was in was naked when we did it… lol… we got to the point that we just couldn’t leave.”

Mistism Bloodsworn, Hunter of Fairies- “My favorite memory is when I bought my hall. I love decorating my houses in MMORPGs, and being a carpenter I have unlimited resources at my hands. I loved decorating it and even do little changes now and then. Sad but true.”

Lord Morukta Irithen- “Probably the day I joined my guild. It meant a lot as it was people whom I enjoy spending my time with. Yes, I’m still with the guild. I am currently holding co-leader, with the founder just returning to the game after a hiatus.”

Pirate Nidy- “When one group of six of us defeated The Icy Dig, one of the hardest instances, it was a server first.”

Xavious- “The first time I ever saw the giants in Thundering Steppes. I remember everyone being so amazed and freaking out over them. They were enormous, and pretty tough too.”

Senior Guide Vrishalli- “I'd have to say the day that I ran Halden's and the guy who won the contest telling me it was his best day in EQ2 (that was when level 60 was the end game and he was 60.) It was just cool to be part of a great gaming experience for someone.”

It’s been a great three years, and let us all raise a mug of ale to many more! Happy birthday Everquest II! We <3 you!

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their memories. Look for me on your server as I go all around Norrath asking next week’s question, “What are your expectations for the upcoming expansion Rise of Kunark?”


J Williams