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Adventures in ESO Episode 2

Avery Cohen Posted:
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After 10+ years of racing through MMOs, I’m finally playing my first MMO for the story and content. With everything I was told about The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s expansive content. This is episode 2.

Still Learning:  So last episode, I decided on a stamina dragon knight. Well, I swapped up to a templar due to their versatility, specifically a magicka templar. As those who avidly play right now, they are probably the most overpowered class in general, don’t hate me, but I really like their skill sets. So, I started my quest to digest as much info on them as possible. Currently I’m using this build to be a guideline on what I wanted to do. I quickly realized that a lot of people have opinions on how to best build a pvp templar, so I’m still trying to learn the baseline to understand better. The bottom line is, I need to level up to unlock a lot of skills and passives to really see how these builds work. So I started doing quests and was suggested to try out some low-level PvP to kind of see the pacing. Oh man, I was shocked, even as a veteran MMO player, I had a lot to learn.

PvP: Now, I know that this is low-level PvP, so it is not indicative of the full systems. My experience from Level 10 to 19 was purely doing PvP to see the different modes and see the gap between myself and higher-level players (up to level 49). I typically had to step back and use my control abilities and heals to help higher level players on my team secure kills. When attention was put on me by the enemy team, I had to typically flee unless they were lower than level 30, because anyone level 30 or above basically blasted me quickly. It was fun, even though I had some losses, they were a good learning experience. It became very apparent that without a lot of my passives and full rotations, it was going to be a struggle to get kills on higher level players. So, any kind of environmental hazard I could use, I utilized. I had this one level 49 player, trying to burst me down on a bridge over lava, so I positioned myself to knock him into the lava with his back against a wall then slow him. I had quite a laugh because I’m sure he didn’t expect to die to lava by a level 13 player. As I leveled up and got some of the “morphed” abilities, it became more apparent what my rotations were, but I still don’t get how to really burst someone down. Hopefully once I’m level 30 or higher I will have the passives needed to burst them down, but until then I swapped to questing a bit more to hopefully hit level 30.

Goals: My goals towards Episode 3, is to get to level 36 or higher, so that I can see more of the potency and learn some of the rotations, with all the skills unlocked. I’m still pretty lost in what gear to prioritize but trying to follow the guide to at least make sure I’m building up the right armor skills. I’m glad the quests are all voiced, so that makes it a lot more bearable than scrolling through text. I’m enjoying many of the quests stories and trying to dive deeper into the lore in the game. Keep in mind, I’ve never been much of a story guy. I hope in the next episode I can have some PvP footage and maybe get some tips on how to tap into the Templar better.


Avery Cohen