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A New Years Letter From the Editor

Jon Wood Posted:
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A New Years Letter From the Editor
By: Jon Wood

Dear Members,

I would like to take this chance to say that I hope everyone had a great holiday season, and that the New Year finds you all well. While 2006 marked a year of growth for the MMORPG.com community, 2007 is going to be the herald of change.

2006 saw our membership pass the half-million point, allowing us to move onto a three-server system. Along with the membership increase, so too did our forums grow not only to include over 1 million posts, but also to support an area for each of the games currently listed on our Games List. We also brought you coverage of the major MMORPG events of the 2006 including: E3, Austin Game Conference, Penny Arcade Expo, Game Developers Conference and more.

Most of you have probably already noticed the new site look. We received a lot of reaction when we first rolled out the new look before Christmas. After reading the member feedback, management decided that there was still work to be done. So, the tweaking began, as the colors were toned down a bit, the tabs were removed, and the new site was made to retain some of the old look with the new layout and functionality.

The visual changes to the site, while not planned to do so, also serve to highlight the changes that are going on behind the scenes here at MMORPG.com. Quite some time ago, our Senior Editor, Dana Massey announced his resignation from MMORPG.com, effective January 1st. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that Dana has shown since he began working with MMORPG.com in 2005. On behalf of the management, staff and members here at MMORPG.com I would like to thank Mr. Massey for his work, and to wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.

Effective as of the New Year, I have been given the title of Managing Editor here at MMORPG.com and it is my pleasure to be able to introduce you all to the new team here at MMORPG.com:

Garrett Fuller, News Editor:

Garrett has been a Staff Writer for MMORPG.com since October of 2005, and has written editorials, reviews, interviews and more. He has also covered both last year’s Game Developer’s Conference and Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Garrett holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications / English from the University of Scranton and is a former Reporter / Editor for Bloomberg. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and son.

Laura Genender, Community Manager:

Laura has also been a staff writer for MMORPG.com since the summer of 2005, and has penned a large number of varied features for us over the years. She has also covered a number of shows for us including last year’s Austin Games Conference and E3.

In the past, Laura has contributed to a Game Guide for Guild Wars, served as Associate Editor for a Lineage 2 guide book, and Editor of both an EverQuest II and a Lineage 2, Chronicle 1 guide book. She is currently obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies from Sweet Briar College in Virginia.

Evan Wilkinson, Web Designer

Evan is the artist responsible for the new look here at MMORPG.com. From the new, dynamic logo to the colors and layout, Evan is the man behind the scenes.

A former programmer for WISH, Evan currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and children.

On behalf of all of the staff here at MMORPG.com, I would like to say that we look forward to working with you all in the New Year to make this the home for at things MMORPG.com.

Cheers, Jon “Stradden” Wood
Managing Editor, MMORPG.com


Jon Wood