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10 Reasons to Play FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV is not a perfect game by any means, but that doesn't mean it's not worth playing. Here is a list of 10 reasons you should play it anyways!

Dual Universe Review In Progress: Settling Among Stars

Dual Universe is finally out of early access, bringing the full experience to sci-fi MMO fans eager to seek their own paths. Bradford takes the early hours out for a spin in our review in progress.

Lost Ark's Newest Content Patch is Overshadowed by Inflation

Lowry confronts an issue plaguing Lost Ark and overshadowing what should be an exciting addition to the MMOARPG: inflation.

How Tower of Fantasy Players Can Prepare For the Artificial Island's Raids

Tower of Fantasy's global version launched last month and it looks like developer Hotta Games is speeding things up when it comes to releasing content for the game. With the Artificial Island update last week, Kanishka lays out how players can prep to take on their first raids in the mobile MMO.

LotRO's 'Salt Water' Tease For Next Year's Expansion Has Me Hoping For The Grey Havens

Last Friday during a Q&A with Lord of the Rings Online executive producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini, we got a tease of next year's fall expansion. The 'smell of salt water' has Bradford really interested in where LotRO could go here, possibly bringing the story back to more familiar roots.

Temtem Review In Progress

Temtem released earlier this month, bringing its multiplayer focus to the Pokemon formula. But how does it stack up thus far? Scott takes a look in his review in progress of Temtem.

Deathloop Xbox Series X Impressions: Sending Xbox Through A Loop

The previously PlayStation-exclusive shooter comes to Xbox Game Pass today, but how does it hold up?

Why Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Failed to Bring Back the Studio Ghibli Charm

When Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds was first announced, a lot of players were excited to try out the new mobile MMO. But it soon became clear that it just wasn't the same as the original games that inspired it. Kanishka explores why that might be, and why Cross Worlds has seen the player base divided.

Temtem Really Nails That Early Pokemon Experience In The Best Way Possible

Temtem released into 1.0 earlier this month, and while we've been working on our review since, Bradford has also dipped his toes into the world of creature collecting. And, thankfully, it's bringing back some of the best memories he had playing the original creature collecting game, Pokemon.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Takes Animal Crossing To The Magic Kingdom

Jason takes the latest Animal Crossing-like title, Disney Dreamlight Valley, which according to him, has no right to be as good as it is in the end.

EVE Online's Uprising Expansion Feels Like A Step In The Right Direction

EVE Online has felt at a bit of a crossroads these last few years. However, as CCP Games gears up to launch its first narrative expansion in what feels like forever, Bradford is optimistic at what the Icelandic developer is bringing to the table for capsuleers.

MMORPG Saturation or Unmet Expectations: Which is the Reason for the Quick Decline in New Game Population?

Why do new games drop in population so quickly after launch? Is it that the games themselves just don't meet expectations, or are there just too many MMORPGs to play these days? Steven provides his thoughts on the subject.

Revisiting Guild Wars 2 - Jumping Back Into Tyria After So Long An Absence

Lowry details what it's like to jump back into ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 after so long an absence.

New World's Next Update Looks Exciting, But Still Leaves Me Concerned

New World's upcoming release announced earlier this week is exciting, especially the introduction of the Greatsword and the new zone, Brimstone Sands. But some of the major additions coming with the update leave Bradford concerned about the future of the MMO.

Final Fantasy 14 6.2 Impressions: Checking Out The Buried Memory

We've finally unearthed the Buried Memory, the latest patch for FFXIV, and with it comes plenty for fans who are sticking to the game to enjoy. Victoria breaks down what they like from the MMO's latest update.