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The Old Guard vs The New Generation: The Evolution Of The MMO

The world has changed. You can feel it in the water. You can feel it in the earth. You can smell it in the air. The old school of MMOs are making way for a new breed, and much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. Well, not really, but for some of us MMO old timers, this new generation of MMOs is just... well, different than what we're used to.

Magic Arena: Midnight Hunt Breathes Fresh Death Into Magic: The Gathering

Midnight Hunt (MID) the newest expansion for TCG Magic: The Gathering, will officially releases on September 24, 2021. However, pre-release for the physical card game and the digital release for Magic Online and Magic: The Gathering Arena started late last week. Nick takes a look at the new set and what it means for the TCG.

I'm Happy Newer MMOs Are Ditching The Cluttered UI Of MMOs Past

A discussion about the EVE Online Skill Plan UI got Bradford thinking about UI design in MMOs overall. Gone seemingly are the days of outrageously cluttered UI, in favor now for more minimalistic approaches. And Bradford is all for it.

EVE Online: Is The New Player Experience Enough To Get Started?

Ever since Bradford first started covering EVE Online, there has been a refrain from devs and fans alike to improve the new player experience. Well, it's here, but does it set new capsuleers up for success?

Blade & Soul: 5 Things The Unreal Engine 4 Update Made Better (And 5 Things It Didn't)

The just-released Unreal Engine 4 Update for Blade & Soul came packed with a bunch of new features. There's a new class, the Dual Blade, for players to master. Here are 5 things the UE4 upgrade made better, as well as 5 things it didn't.

Breaking Down LotRO's Legendary Item Revamp

The long, long awaited Legendary item revamp is finally coming to the Lord of the Rings Online. But how does the new system work? Check out our impressions from the preview server late last week!

Not So MMO: Deathloop Review In Progress

Deathloop is an interesting concept that is steeped in Arkane's DNA. Take the satisfying stealth gameplay of Dishonored and mix in some crazy good gunplay, throw in a time loop story and you're itching for a good time. But does it actually hold up? Here is our review in progress.

Elyon's Delay - And F2P Change - Likely Will Benefit Both It And Amazon's New World

Elyon was delayed earlier this morning, moving into late October, but it wasn't the only announcement Kakao made regarding the MMORPG. The game is now free-to-play, and it's something that Nick thinks will benefit not only the Korean MMO, but its rival, New World.

I Spent Way Too Much Time In Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous' Character Creation This Week

Bradford doesn't too much care for character creation tools. The identity of the character's he plays in games is moreso in his own head rather than on display on screen. However, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous might just hold the record for the longest he's ever spent in a creation tool - and he regrets nothing.

New World's Open Beta: Will PvE Longevity Be An Issue?

New World's open beta kicks off today, and the new MMO from Amazon still has me asking questions. While Bradford enjoyed he time in New world in late July during its closed beta, going so far as to say he feels it is one of the most social MMOs to be launching to date in a previous editorial, he does wonder about its longevity, mostly due to its content.

How Did You Pick Your Favorite Class In An MMO?

With The Lord of the Rings Online players able to go hands on with the MMO's first class sincce 2014 today thanks to the Brawler hitting the Bullroarer test server, it got Bradford thinking about how he chose his favorite class in any MMO he plays. Spoiler alert: They are usually ranged.

Free Fire: Celebrating Garena Free Fire's Fourth Anniversary

Mobile Battle Royale - three words you don't see too often on MMORPG. However, one of the most downloaded mobile games in the world, Free Fire, celebrates its 4th anniversary, and Mitch was able to check out the party - and the game itself.

Ghost of Tsushima PS5 Director's Cut Impressions

Shank forced himself to stop playing Ghost of Tsushima last year, knowing he'd want to enjoy this brilliant game on PS5. Now, more than one year later, he's doing exactly that.

Legends Of Runeterra: Beyond the Bandlewood Impressions

Whenever most players consider the universe of Runeterra and League of Legends, they often consider the extremely successful MOBA. Few players take time to look into Legends of Runeterra, the card game equivalent to LoL. Chris takes a look at the Beyond the Bandlewood expansion of Runeterra.

What Was The First Dungeon That Hooked You On MMOs?

Everybody remembers their first. First dungeon that is - and the world of MMORPGs have a ton of them. But what was the first dungeon that really make you start to fall in love with the game - and the genre as a whole?