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Black Desert Online: J's Hammer of Precision and the Implications of it All

Enhancing in Black Desert Online is a mixed bag, but Pearl Abyss' release of J's Hammer of Precision has helped alleviate those fears of failure. Lowry takes a look at the tool and what it means for new and old players alike.

The Finals is Possibly The Most Innovative Multiplayer FPS Title in Years

Kanishka examines The Finals, which just entered its latest season, and explains why it might be the most innovative multiplayer FPS in years.

Black Desert Online: Looking Ahead At Its Renewed Endgame and Future

Black Desert Online's recent updates and class rebalance have brought its endgame into a rather healthy state. Lowry explores what it means right now and for the future.

AFK Journey Impressions - A New Idle Obsession on the Rise with a Big Catch | PAX East

AFK Journey has been rising in popularity since its launch March 27th. After a visit with Lillith games at PAX, and some extensive post-launch play, here's our early impressions.

Dragon's Dogma 2's Mage Is The Magiest Mage Who Ever Maged

Dragon's Dogma 2's Mage might be the most magey mage of in the history of video games, and Nick is here to tell you why.

Plunderstorm: Impressions Of WoW's First Battle Royale

Plunderstorm, the new battle royale spin-off in World of Warcraft, has been out for a bit now and we've had a chance to sink our teeth into it - here are our impressions.

Dune: Awakening's PAX East Impressions: Combat and Harvesting Front and Center, But Missing a Crucial Piece

Funcom showed off some new gameplay in another hands-off presentation at PAX East. Check out Steven's impressions, and find out what he liked, and why he was disappointed.

Opinion: BlizzCon's Future Is Questionable

As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, one thing feels less certain: the future of BlzzCon. Robin gives her thoughts on why the future of the yearly Blizzard celebration could be up in the air moving forward.

Helldivers 2 Proves You Don't Need FOMO to Thrive in The Live Service Market

2024 has been quite the year for games already, and one game that doesn't seem to be slowing down is Helldivers 2, which proves you don't need FOMO to thrive in today's market.

Amazon's Latest Fallout Trailer Has Reignited My Passion for Fallout 76 - Here's Why

Amazon's Fallout trailer exceeded Steven's expectations, but it also reignited his passion for the ongoing anarchy that broods within Fallout 76.

Dune: Awakening Hands-Off Impressions - Arrakis Might Just Be The Survival MMO Planet You've Been Waiting For

Last week we were invited to Dune Awakening event in Los Angeles. Here's what to get hyped for on your upcoming trip to Arrakis.

How Does Power Creep Affect MMO Games?

What do you think is the worst example of power creep in an MMO?

Pantheon: Rise of The Fallen Seasonal Testing Plan - Good, Bad, Or Does It Matter?

Kevin is a backer of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. As someone who will be testing the seasons in the coming weeks, he gives his thoughts on the community sentiment now that Seasons are live - as well as his own.

FFXIV Endwalker's Post-Expansion Drought Hit A Little Too Hard 

Victoria looks back on Final Fantasy's Endwalker arc, and looks towards Dawntrail, with a heaping dose of longing during the period between.

How Does Power Creep Affect MMO Games?

What do you think is the worst example of power creep in a MMO title? We explore this divisive topic in MMO circles to try to answer that question.