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Edge of Space Overview

Edge of Space is an open world, 2D, exploration-based survival sandbox game in which you play a representative of ArkCo, a corporation sending out explorers to very dangerous parts of space. You start out dropped via cryo-pod onto a strange planet within these reaches. You must learn to explore, mine, terraform, craft, and ultimately build up this planet. Naturally, you’re not alone, and everything is designed to work against you at first, so protecting yourself and your hard work is important early on. While Edge of Space will be compared to games like Terraria, Starbound, and even Minecraft, the game tries to carve out its own niche among these other sandboxes. With some scripted content, boss battles, and multiplayer, there are multiple options for players on just how they want to create their adventures. FEATURES
  • Sandbox Planet | Explore, craft, and build this new planet you’ve claimed in any way you want. The game’s emphasis on exploration and custom gameplay should suit sandbox fans looking for a challenge.
  • Bring a Friend | Multiplayer and co-op gameplay lets you play with friends or against them. Build and explore together, battle together, or engage in PvP.
  • Open World, Your Way | Exploration, multiplayer, co-op, crafting, and an open world join some scripted content to let you choose the way you wish to create your own adventure and shape the world from start to finish.