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Eden Falling Articles

Eden Falling Clarifies Its Funding As Investor Rep Disputes Reports

In a report by MassivelyOP today, Razor Edge Games has clarified reports about the studio's recent funding of Eden Falling.

Eden Falling is Back After Securing Over $1.3M in Funding

It looks like Eden Falling is back after securing over $1.3 million in funding.

In-Engine Video Shows Off Potential

Razor Edge Games is hard at work making Eden Falling and is preparing to release a lot of new information about it in the coming weeks and months. As part of the teaser for the info dump, Razor Edge has released a new video created in-engine and providing a brief look at thematic elements of the forthcoming RPG>.

Razor Edge Games Reveals New Name and More Info to Come

Razor Edge Games has announced that the game formerly known as Epocylipse: The Afterfall is being renamed to Eden Falling. Developers assure fans that, though the name has changed, the game remains the same. In addition, devs promise that more information about what the team has been up to during the past several months will be revealed in short order.

September Updates Include Animation, Textures, Music

The Epocyliypse: The Afterfall site has several recent blog posts from the development team that give brief updates on several teams and the work they have been performing over the past month or so. Diaries cover texturing, animation and rigging, music, and modeling.

Quirky Jokester Ramos Lyle Latest Harbinger Profiled

The latest in a series of NPC profiles based on the Harbinger faction in Epocylipse: The AfterFall has been published on the game's official site. This time quirky jokester Ramos Lyle gets the once over. As the band's bass player, his style of humor goes well with the rhythms he creates.

Harbingers Part 3 Introduces Dyza Greene

In the third part of an ongoing series to introduce players to some of the more colorful denizens of the Epocylipse: The AfterFall world, Dyza Green is profiled. She is the guitarist of the Harbingers who tries to inspire wandering communities, though with an edge as a specialist in dismantling enemy defenses.

Second Member of the Harbingers Introduced

The latest lore piece has been published on the Epocylipse The AfterFall site. This time, musician of note "Tall" Norbin is introduced. Norbin isn't particularly adept at staying safe but his skills with music make him an inspirational and useful member of the Harbingers.

Mid-Atlantic Groups Revealed

Razor Edge Games has revealed the latest "Marauder Groups" from Epocylipse The AfterFall. The Mid-Atlantic group, most notably the Reapers, are in business to harvest souls for Death.

Marauders On The High Plains Detailed

The latest in a series of articles regarding enemies to be found in Epocylipse The AfterFall has been published on the official site. One of the groups players may encounter is the Roses, a band of young men and women utilizing the art of torture.

Roaming the Central Plains is Fraught with Danger

Razor Edge Games has spent the last several weeks detailing the organized factions within the game. These can represent challenges and danger to players, but they are not all that can be encountered.

The Cartel Faction - Guarding Secrets Passed Down in History

Razor Edge Games has revealed...well, partially anyway...The Cartel faction, a group tasking itself with guarding humanity's secrets passed down from generation to generation who seek to avoid prying eyes of governmental types.

Sixth Playable Faction Revealed - The Patriots

Razor Edge Games has revealed the sixth playable faction from Epocylipse: The AfterFall. Called "The Patriots" are a militaristic group that is "all business" and one that avoids frivolity of any sort. Those who prefer a regimented faction, The Patriots might be just the right thing.

The Confed - Equality Achieved by the Ambitious

The latest faction reveal has been posted on the Epocylipse: The AfterFall site. This time, the Confed takes center stage, a group driven by purpose and a group built on the foundation of order in the chaos.

The Steppe Tribes Arrive as Fourth Playable Faction

The Epocylipse: The Afterfall team is ready to unleash another round of information go about the next playable faction to be included in the game. This time, the Steppe Tribes are a group that has chosen a simpler method of survival. Led by elders, the Steppe Tribes seek harmony, equality, respect and faith.