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Echo of Soul Articles

Papaya Play Officially Opens Its Echo of Soul Service With Lots of Character Transfer Rewards

Papaya Play has officially taken over publishing Echo of Soul globally, and has opened character transfers, along with some rewarding events.

Blue Potion's Echo of Soul Gets New Global Publisher in July, Papaya Play

The revamped Echo of Soul is getting a new gobal publisher. Papaya Play will take over rights, with Gamigo exiting the NA/EU license, and transfer service opening on July 13th.

Echo of Soul Welcomes Massive Changes in 3.0 Update

Aeria Games' Echo of Soul has announced it's 3.0 Update release last week that tweaks many of the games systems such as the pet system, the mission system and balance adjustments.

Echo of Soul: The Blue Looks To Be Coming To The West Via Gamigo

Echo of Soul: The Blue looks like it's coming to the West, thanks to MMO publisher gamigo.

Blue Potion Games Version of Echo of Soul Launches as a Buy-to-Play Steam Title

Blue Potion Games' version of Echo of Soul has launched as a buy-to-play title on Steam and as an early access title. Through December 13th, players can purchase the game for $5.39 (regular price 8.99)...or you could probably just go and download the F2P "Phoenix" version from Aeria Games. It's unclear what the differences are between the two, though the Phoenix version has undergone some big changes recently.

Echo of Soul is Coming to Steam from Blue Potion

A company called "Blue Potion" has announced that it is bringing Echo of Soul to Steam. The game's Steam page shows a November 21st release date and that the game will be considered an Early Access title. From the brief press announcement we received, EoS is being released for North America only at this point and that all cosmetic and convenience founder's packs will be 40% off the week it arrives.

Party 'Til the Lights Go Out on Tuesday, May 22nd

With Echo of Soul Classic shutting down permanently on Tuesday, May 22nd, players are being invited to come along for an epic party starting at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern and lasting until the lights go out for good eight hours later. There are a lot of fun activities to take part in as a last hurrah.

Is It Time to Check Back in to Echo of Soul? Goodies Might Help Decide

The Echo of Soul Phoenix Facebook page has been updated with a new blog post to lay out all of the goodies new players will receive when logging in. Players can look forward to a number of "some unique bonuses right at the start of the adventure" as well as a blessing, a pair of pocket enhancements, a rare pet and a mount.

Wrath of the Goddess Content Expansion Released

Aeria Games has released the latest Echo of Soul content expansion called Wrath of the Goddess Episode 2.5. The update brings three new dungeons, a new PvP season, Doomspire Keep that challenges players to 50 levels of increasingly difficult monsters to fight including two dungeon bosses entering the fray simultaneously. Lastly, the Moon Festival has started with players tasked with putting Moon Queen Luna back to sleep by defeating her.

Wrath of the Goddess Update Released

Echo of Soul has expanded with Episode 2: Wrath of the Goddess that sees a level cap increase to 70, new ultimate skills, a new continent to explore, 400 new quests added, a pair of new large-scale hunting grounds, three level 70 dungeons and much more added to the game.

New Warlock Class Emerges

The latest Echo of Soul update has been deployed that brings with it the Warlock class, two new dungeons, a new PvP season and more character slots for players.

New Warlock Class to Wield Diabolic Powers

Aeria Games has revealed the first information about the upcoming 1.5 patch for Echo of Soul. The update will bring the Warlock into the game, a ranged damage dealer that wields diabolic curses. The warlock will begin in its own zone, rejoining the other classes in Mnemos.

'Nvius is Committed to Providing Long-Term Support'

Aeria Games' community team has gone on record to soothe the nerves of the Echo of Soul NA and EU community after the recent closures of both Korean and Chinese iterations of the game. According to PM_Bacon, Aeria has received assurances from Nivius' CEO that publication of the game as it is and development of new content is assured beginning with the introduction of PvP Season 2.

ChangYou Announces Cessation of Chinese Service

ChangYou is reportedly closing down Echo of Soul in China according to a report from MMOCulture. No reason for the cessation of service was given, though it comes closely on the heels of the Korean version's shut down as well. Aeria Games, publisher of EoS in North America and Europe, issued a statement that indicates development continues and that no plan to close its version of the game imminent.

Hangame Announces Game Closure in South Korea

MMOCulture is reporting that Echo of Soul is closing in South Korea on October 22nd. According to the announcement, Hangame is ceasing publication of PC titles and moving exclusively to mobile after Echo of Soul was found "unable to provide satisfactory content for the players".