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Interviews: Update Interview

By Garrett Fuller on November 20, 2009

Update Interview

Give us a status update on Earthrise's development. Can we expect a Beta test any time soon?

Atanas Atanasov:

At this time, Earthrise is still in closed beta receiving feedback from a limited number of players. We have already taken several steps forward in the development process and are looking forward to making exciting announcements shortly.


The game follows a sandbox approach. MMOs like EVE and Ultima have built their success on this format where other games have failed. Why does the sandbox approach add so much to the longevity of a game?

Atanas Atanasov:

So far MMORPGs have figured two proven paths of keeping players interested in the game long term: constant addition of solo-able content or raid challenges that players must overcome and then wait patiently for more, and the sandbox approach where players have to find their own niche and approach to the environment and their challenges are set not by the game designers but by the combined actions of all other players. The latter approach's main strength is the cooperative notion that the game is indeed shaped by the players. To many players, the ability to change content to their personal or collective will is much more important than the chance to experience more and more content. The sense of involvement and power to create and change can invigorate and keep players glued to the game for years to come. Games like EVE and Ultima have both succeeded to achieve a stable and exciting environment for sandbox gaming and have been some of the inspirational sources for Earthrise as well.

Players will be using skills to build up their characters. Can you give us examples of three player skills in the game?

Atanas Atanasov:

Skills in Earthrise provide players with access to Abilities that are purchased with skill points in sequence, unlocking new, more flexible and more powerful options for either combat or crafting. For example, Dissonance Psycher is a Psychic Battle Skill containing Abilities that allow Psychers to repel attacks from their opponents, control their combat abilities and use enemy actions for their own advantage. Each Ability can be further developed to unlock Tactics slots, slots in which special enhancements can be placed (called Tactics) and modify the Ability's properties. An example of a Tactics skill is the Aggression Boost skill containing Tactics that modify the damage output of abilities often with the trade off of higher Energy cost or slower execution speed. Finally, an example of a Crafting Skill is the Assault Rifle Manufacturing skill. Its Abilities are all passive and cannot be used in combat, and each Ability unlocks access to crafting a single Technology of assault rifle. As players invest Crafting Points in its advancement, new Technologies of more powerful and flexible in design weapons will become accessible to the crafter.

The world of Earthrise is based in sci-fi, what piece of science fiction has had the biggest influence on the game, whether it is book, movie, or even game?

Atanas Atanasov:

We have drawn inspiration from movies such as Habitat, the Fly (for some creatures in Earthrise), and Equilibrium. Also, the book "Le Peuple de la Mer" features a society with hierarchy and rules very close, but not necessarily equal, to the first ideas we had about Continoma.

Earthrise has an open policy when it comes to PvP, do you see the Player Killers vs. Player Defenders phenomenon that existed in Ultima becoming the norm?

Atanas Atanasov:

Open PvP poses one of the most serious challenges in MMO game design - how do you make a fun and exciting game where players have the freedom to totally wreck the game environment with destructive actions? Instead of prohibiting the PvP gameplay down to what is considered fair to everyone, we decided to allow players to act as criminals but also implemented numerous mechanics that encourage law-abiding players to profit from standing against criminals and preserving the peace and order in the game. In that regard, Earthrise is indeed aiming to position players as Player Killers vs. Player Defenders, with the Player Defenders backed by a law system and functional guards and the Player Killers having the item loot incentive to take the risks of the criminal trade.


Player gear is very important in Earthrise. Talk about the impact gear can have on PvP?

Atanas Atanasov:

The PvE gameplay that Earthrise aims for is very accessible - players can easily expect that without hunting down the rarest and most powerful gear available in the game, they have a fair chance against most of the mutant denizens on the island. In PvP however, players can expect to customize their armor and weapon to a large degree to create specialized equipment builds that give them a serious advantage in combat against other players of the same level of power. While player skill and smart tactical use of player's abilities still remains as the main factor that will decide the battle, gear is even more important in PvP since your enemy has the same economic leverage to gain access to powerful and customized items.

How do you see player groups and factions forming in the game?

Atanas Atanasov:

Earthrise's player-driven economy and political scene is ripe for reasons for players to group together into organized guilds. Guilds have the military force to protect their members against the actions of stray criminal groups or rival guilds, as well as the ability to harvest and distribute access to powerful and rare resources needed to create the most powerful items in the game. Since the most sought after and rare resources are gained through control over special resource-rich territories in the game, players who form a guild have a better chance of taking control and expanding their influence over the server. This can be done by selling the harvested resources and gaining monetary resource or keeping the distribution of said resources under tight control and possibly facing fierce competition from all their rivals who are fighting for their own niche on the dynamic market. The constant fights for control over the numerous territories will unleash a never-ending war for control where each player can find their place within the ranks of their guild. That is not to say that individual players will not fully enjoy the game as they can either play alone or they can be contracted by guilds, even if they do not become members of their ranks.

What parts of game combat are you most proud of?

Atanas Atanasov:

In the past 4-5 months we completely reworked the combat system. The current version of the system is something we are most proud of. First we focused on the targeting mechanic which is very intuitive and easy to learn. We have also worked on providing a wide range of abilities and infinite possibilities for their combinations with tactics and gear. Throughout the combat process, players will find that they have two options for camera control: locked camera and a free moving cursor, which will suite everyone's needs.

Players are very excited for Earthrise, what message do you have for them at this stage of the game?

Atanas Atanasov:

My message for players is "Patience". We don't want to rush Earthrise to the market so we are working hard to deliver a game that players will enjoy for years to come.