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How is it Doing?

MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle is pulling double duty features-wise today. In his second article, Adam takes a look at Earthrise. Adam revisits Masthead Studios' game to see if the devs have been able to pull Earthrise from the brink of doom so many predicted for it several months ago. Read on!

Second First Impressions

Earthrise, recently released, has been the subject of intense conversation here at MMORPG.com since the publication of Garrett Fuller's 'First Impressions' article. To show that we at MMORPG.com are not part of the hive mind Borg, writer Adam Tingle has also taken a look at Earthrise and has a "Second Opinion" about the game based on his experiences. Check out Adam's thoughts and then leave a comment or two below.

Internal FAQ and Some Features

Yesterday, we listed the upcoming MMORPG from the folks over at Masthead Studios, Earthrise. Today, the company has provided us with an internal FAQ about the game as well as a list of things that players will find in the game.