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Earthrise: First Impact Articles

Atanas Atanasov: Why Love the Sandbox?

Masthead Studios' CEO Atanas Atanasov answers the question: Sandbox games have proven that they stand the test of time. Why do you think the sandbox model appeals to players even after all these years?

The Blasted Area

We get the profile of another area of the upcoming sci-fi MMO from Masthead Studios. This week, they look at The Blasted Area and include new screenshots.

Exploring the Lowlands

The team from Earthrise returns this week with a new deveoper journal, this time highlighting The Lowlands, located just off the Northern coast of the island.

The Boneyard

In this week's dev journal, the Earthrise developers lay out a zone known as "The Boneyard," complete with desert-style screenshots.

Welcome to the Arboretum

The team from Earthrise has provided us with another of their Friday developer journals. This week, the focus is on the small settlement known as "The Arboretum."

The Hatchery

The team from Earthrise has provided us with another new developer journal, this one focusing on a part of the game known as The Hatchery.

The Cascade Mountains

The team from Masthead Studios has prepared this new developer journal for us. This time focusing on the Cascade mountains, an area in the upcoming game.

The Industrial Area

The team from Earthrise has put together this lore-based developer journal revealing the situation surrounding the "industrial area" in-game.