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Earthrise: First Impact Articles

New Features Revealed

SilentFuture has revealed a few new features for Earthrise: First Impact as the game continues its optimization process. Players will be able to choose from any one of eight playable factions. In the earlier incarnation of Earthrise, players only had two factions from which to choose.

Resurrecting Earthrise

Earthrise has been making the news a lot lately with the resurrection of the game by SilentFuture. We wanted to find out more about what changes players can expect and more. We caught up with Creative Director Katharina WeiƟ. See what she has to say before heading to the comments to chat!

Founders Packages Now On Sale

First Impact has announced that Founders Packages for Earthrise: First Impact are now on sale. Package prices range from 15 Euro to 250 Euro and can be purchased on the official site.

MMOFTW - S2E2 - Earthrise Revived

This week's MMOFTW covers TERA's F2P change, Pathfinder's Kickstarter and beta aspects, EVE and Dust's single-server reality, Earthrise's Revival, and The Secret World's B2P success. Plus in our community spotlight, we talk grouping and whether it's enjoyable.

Revived by SilentFuture

We have received word that German game developer, SilentFuture, has revived Earthrise, the futuristic MMO that was canceled last February. We are posting the press release in its entirety.

Game Service Ends Today

Masthead Studios has announced that service for Earthrise will cease as of today, Thursday, February 9th. According to Atanas Atanasov, Director of Masthead Studios, the team felt that Earthrise had been released too early and never managed to meet its players' expectations.

Subscription Fee Outgoing, F2P Incoming

Masthead Studios has announced that the monthly subscription fee for Earthrise will be removed beginning December 1st. Players who have already purchased the game will play Earthrise subscription-free until the free to play transition is complete in early 2012.

How is it Doing?

MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle is pulling double duty features-wise today. In his second article, Adam takes a look at Earthrise. Adam revisits Masthead Studios' game to see if the devs have been able to pull Earthrise from the brink of doom so many predicted for it several months ago. Read on!

Latest Patch Brings Vehicle Transportation

Masthead Studios has released the latest patch for Earthrise. Included in the update are new vehicles, monsters as well as the usual bug fixes and enhancements.

Game and Subscription Prices Slashed

Masthead Studios has announced that both the Earthrise retail cost and the cost of the game's monthly subscription will be cut by 60% starting August 5, 2011. That brings the price of the game to $14.00 with a six month subscription costing only $8.33 per month.

First Major Patch Update

The team at Masthead Studios are proud to announce that Earthrise's first major content patch launched on July 14th, giving players improved performance with the game's client, as well as a netcode optimization, guild ranks and quest enhancements.

Iceberg Interactive Takes Over Distribution

Iceberg Interactive has announced that it has inked a deal with Masthead Studios to distribute Earthrise worldwide. In addition, the price has been reduced to 29.99 Euros or about $43 USD and the upcoming "Territorial Warfare" expansion will be free to all players. Territorial Warfare is expected to be released later in June for both boxed and digital versions of the game.

Vehicle Concept Images

The Earthrise team has released a pair of concept art screens featuring a look at vehicles that will be added to the game in the next few months. Check these babies out!

Outlining the Future

Masthead Studios has released information about upcoming development plans for Earthrise. The team has an aggressive scheduled ahead for the game through April and May. Planned improvements to the game include quest hints, resurrection mechanics, item and vehicle painting and more.

Exploration Rewards Added

Masthead Studios has announced that Earthrise has been updated with a new patch that brings exploration rewards online as well as server improvements to address the lag issues. Also added are keybinding options with game balance also being addressed.