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Dynasty Warriors Online Articles

Heavenly Strike Content Update

This coming Monday, March 14th, Dynasty Warriors Online is dropping it's first big update, Heavenly Strike. The update brings about a new tournament system, a new faction and more!

The Official Review

In our latest MMORPG.com review, Dynasty Warriors goes under the proverbial microscope. The review is penned by Bobby Travis and he gives readers all the information necessary to decide whether or not Dynasty Warriors is the game for you. Check it out and then compare notes by leaving us a comment below.

The Benefits of Being In a Guild

Dynasty Warrior Online officially launched last week and Aeria Games wants to remind players about the benefits of belong to guilds. In fact, the team encourages players to belong to guilds in order to protect themselves as they wander the Three Kingdoms.

Officially Launches

Aeria Games has announced the official launch of the latest MMO in its stable of free-to-play games. Dynasty Warriors Online is now in commercial release with new features, items and the ability to re-align characters from one faction to another. The game takes place during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and pits three competing factions against one another.

Battling for $4,000 in Prizes

Aeria Games has announced that the open beta for Dynasty Warriors Online has begun. Dynasty Warriors Online is the latest title in Aeria's stable of free-to-play MMOs. The open beta will start with a bang as European and North American players are being invited to fight their way to over $4,000 in prizes.

Closed Beta Begins

Aeria Games has launched the North American and European closed beta for its Asian-themed hack-and-slash MMO, Dynasty Warriors Online. Players begin their journeys as lowly recruits forced to earn 'honor' and climb through the military ranks to become a Dynasty Warrior. Devs have promised that the closed beta will include all of the core game features.

Battling with a Lieutenant

Dynasty Warriors Online players will have the opportunity to gain an ally in battle with the newly introduced lieutenant NPCs. Players will have to earn the respect of these lieutenants by defeating them in battle but will be able to fight alongside them afterward. Lieutenants take many forms from human to tiger, even Bambi-like deer are included. We've got several new screenshots in our Dynasty Warriors Online gallery.