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Dying Light Articles

New Trailer Reveals the Story Behind The Following

Dying Light will be expanding in February 2016 with the release of The Following. Techland has unveiled the story behind The Following with a new trailer that sees the survivors of the original campaign facing a new threat.

Enhanced Edition Set for February 9th Release

Techland has announced that the Dying Light Enhanced Edition will be released for XBox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 9, 2016. The new edition will feature the original game, The Following expansion pack, Borzak Horde mode, Be the Zombie mode, Cuisine and Cargo challenge missions and the Ultimate Survivor Bundle for $59.99.

Expansion Release Targetting Q1 2016

Techland has announced that The Following expansion to Dying Light will launch during the first quarter of 2016. Players will be able to upgrade and customize a cool new in-game all-terrain dirt buggy. To show off the buggy in game and to reveal some of the design philosophy behind it, Techland released a terrific video you can watch below.

Letter Writing Campaign Can Become Part of a Quest

The Dying Light team has started a new contest to give players an opportunity to see their work included in the game. Players are being asked to write letters that will be placed in a new quest line taking place in an abandoned post office.

Best of Dev Tools Contest II

The Best of Dying Light Dev Tools Contest II Check out the very best Dying Light Dev Tools maps submitted for the second edition of the Beyond Dying Light contest.: The Winchester Tavern - a near perfect replica of the famous pub from the cult-hit movie Shaun of the Dead. Grab a pint and defend your local watering hole. SkyFall - an intricate and twisted journey through a man's troubled dreams. Various levels and puzzles that get more and more warped the further you delve. Escaping

Five Dev Tools Contest Mods Chosen, Voting Begins

Techland has posted the top five Dying Light mods created by the community using the dev tools and is now asking for community input to select the winner who will receive an Alienware Alpha computer and game merchandise.

The Following - 15 Minutes of Gameplay

Watch our first-ever Twitch stream of Dying Light: The Following the story-based expansion to Dying Light! Join the members of our development team for 15+ minutes of heart-pumping gameplay and insightful commentary. Take a closer look at the Countryside – the massive new area that’s as big as all the original Dying Light maps combined! Get a taste of newly introduced weapons and the drivable, customizable & upgradeable dirt buggies. Last but not least, take a sneak peek at Kyle Crane’s u

Down on the Farm

Set in the expansive Harran Outback, Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer goes hands-on with The Following, Techland’s first full expansion for zombie-parkour-shooter Dying Light.

New Expansion Announced as The Following

Techland has announced a new story-based expansion to Dying Light called The Following. Considered a story-based expansion, Dying Light features a new area that is as large as the original game's maps combined.

New Expansion Forthcoming: The Following

The Dying Light team has announced that an expansion to the game is forthcoming and that the team will be ready to show off a portion of it at Gamescom. Season Pass holders will receive the expansion for free or it is available as a separate purchase.

#DrinkForDLC Campaign Underway

The Dying Light team has announced a new campaign to get a free docket code that gives players an awesome in-game weapon. Called #DrinkForDLC, players are encouraged to post pictures of themselves drinking water in order to earn some of the new free DLC that the team is creating. Check out the incremental goals and the stretch goals. The first is already achieved with a 50% XP boost to player agility starting Sunday, June 28th.

Create Your Own Content with Newly Released Tools

The Dying Light team has posted on the game's Steam page that the long-awaited developer tools have been released. Players can now access the tools and start building their own game content.

Beware the Antizin Injections

The Dying Light team has let players know that tomorrow, April 1st, it might be wise to use Antizin injections with caution. The injections have been producing some odd reactions in those using them. It seems these results will be for one day only.

3.2M Players Rack Up Some Impressive Numbers

Infographics paint a numbers picture of a game. In the latest infographic release, the Dying Light team shines the spotlight on some impressive numbers including over 3.2M players taking part in killing nearly 400M zombies and amassing over a trillion dollars. Check out more of these fun statistics in the image below.

The Future of Dying Light

The Dying Light team has posted a new video letter to fans that lays out some of the future plans for the game. Developers have been listening carefully to fans and have plans to implement as many of the suggestions as possible. Hard mode is the first step with, according to the video, more to come. Check it out!