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Dying Light Overview

Dying Light is an open world, survival horror, action RPG with co-op. Set in a closed-off city where hordes of infected enemies hungry for flesh rise at night to prey on the survivors. During the game's day, survivors can hunt for supplies, find defenses, craft weapons, and move more safely. At night, the enemies rise and danger is present everywhere. Your decisions will affect how you survive and make it through the game's story. dying Light features a movement system based upon Parkour, letting players leap from building to building, explore the rooftops, or even stage attacks from above. Develop your character the way you want to play and beat back the zombies alone or together in co-op.

  • Beat the Horde or Join It | Dying Light offers players the chance to play through the game solo or to team up as survivors in four player co-op. If you're tired of being the survivor, the online Be the Zombie mode lets you play as a zombie to hunt down survivors.
  • Move Through the Open World | Although the game's central city is closed off, you'll be able to move freely through the urban environment via a Parkour-inspired system that lets survivors travel, escape, and explore.
  • Is it Day or Night? | The game features a day and night cycle at its core. Players will have to forage for supplies, deal with fellow survivors, and more around mostly in the relative ease of daylight, because once night falls, things get dangerous when the zombies come out, relentlessly looking for prey.