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DUST 514 Articles

Fanfest Preview

During the recent FanFest, we had the chance to preview CCP's Dust 514, to find out more about this ground-breaking game. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Thirty New Screens

Fresh out of last week's CCP FanFest, we have thirty brand new screenshots from DUST 514. You can check out the concept art and screenshots in our DUST 514 gallery. Enjoy!

Beta News

During today's keynote address during the CCP Fanfest, developers revealed that the DUST 514 closed beta will roll out in April and that the open beta is targeting a time closer to this year's E3.

Beta Coming In April

A new video interview with CCP's CEO Hilmar Petursson and CMO David Reid over at GameTrailers.com reveals the interesting news that Dust 514 will enter beta testing in April.

DUST514 Playable at EVE Fanfest This Month

DUST514, the upcoming FPS set in the EVE Online universe, will see its first hands-on play this month

Closed Beta Sign Ups Begin

The EVE Online blog has been updated with a short notice that closed beta sign ups for DUST 514 are now being accepted. DUST 514 is a PlayStation exclusive.

Dev Blog Details 'Rapid Deployment Vehicle'

A new dev blog for DUST 514, the upcoming shooter tie-in to EVE Online, discusses the 'Rapid Deployment Vehicle,' a drone that delivers vehicles to players on the battlefield.

Stranded Part 5

The newest edition of the On-Going series over at the Official Dust 514 Website, Stranded, has dropped. Head over to the site now to check out Part 5 of the Ongoing Chronicles.

Chronicles: Stranded Part 4

The chronicling of DUST 514's lore continues with CCP Remnant's latest edition of Stranded, bringing us Part 4.

Will Require Initial "Cover Charge"

PS3 players of CCP Games upcoming EVE Online MMOFPS tie-in DUST 514 will be required to pay an initial "cover charge" for the game when the game launches, though the charge will be refunded with in-game currency.