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DUST 514 Articles

PS3 Version to End May 30th, New PC Title in the Works

The DUST 514 site has been updated with a new post from CCP Frame to announced that DUST 514 will be ending service on PlayStation 3 on May 30th. The announcement indicates that the Shanghai team has been working on a PC title based on the Unreal Engine and one that will take into account all of the lessons learned during the lifespan of DUST 514.

Player Trading Feature to be Added Soon

The DUST 514 team has published a new developer blog that reveals the first details about the forthcoming Player Trading System to be implemented later this month. According to the blog, player trading will be a "trust-based system" with mercs able to send items and ISK back and forth among those on contact lists.

A Million Skill Points? Yes, Please!

The DUST 514 Million Clone Challenge has returned! From today through September 22nd, players are taking on an epic task to kill a million clones. Doing so successfully will earn each player a million skill points!

Forming the Legion

During EVE FanFest, we heard about Project Legion, CCP’s in-development MMOFPS. But what’s the vision behind the title, and why did the studio decide against evolving Dust 514? Gareth Harmer interviewed Senior Producer Julien Dulioust to find out more.

CCP Unveils Project Legion, An MMOFPS for the PC Gamer

Ever since I played Dust 514 on PlayStation 3, I've been itching for CCPs first-person shooter to arrive on PC. With today's unveiling of Project Legion at EVE FanFest, it feels like those prayers are being answered - but in a surprising new way. Don't expect a straightforward port though, as the vision for this new title is much deeper than its console-based predecessor.

Latest Patch Brings Community-Driven Changes

The latest DUST 514 patch has been deployed that brings, according to CCP, several features and enhancement to existing systems that have been specifically asked for by the game's community. Of particular note is the rebalancing of equipment, weapon and dropsuits and the addition of new Heavy and Light dropsuits.

Destroy a Million, Get a Million

The DUST 514 community is invited to partake in a unique opportunity this weekend to destroy a million clones. If successfully managed, each participating player will receive a million skill points. Failing that, there are lesser rewards based on the number of clones eliminated.

Uprising Goes Live

Dust 514 has been patched with the Uprising content expansion called by the devs "The Big One". The update brings big changes to factional warfare, new weapons and an overhaul of the vehicle system.

Forthcoming Weapons Detailed in New Blog

The DUST 514 site has been updated with a detailed profile of a pair of weapons that will debut in the next content update, likely in December. Both the Combat Rifle and the Rail Rifle have racial alignment bonuses attached.

Focused on More MMO in The MMOFPS

During a recent event in Las Vegas, we spent time with CCP's DUST 514 team talking about the future of the MMOFPS. As the title indicates, devs have a clear-cut goal in mind for the future. See why they're focused as such before heading to the comments.

Uprising Dusts off DUST

Uprising 1.5, the largest and most comprehensive patch since DUST 514 debuted last year, has made a lot of players very happy. We check in with Atli Mar Sveinsson to find out more about the changes brought about with Uprising and a lot more. Keep reading and then leave your impressions in the comments.

Ashes to Ashes...

Our intrepid Tourist is ready to take us on a journey through the EVE-connected world of DUST 514. See what he discovered about the world, the game and much more in this week's The Tourist. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Double Skill Point Week Planned

CCP Games has let us know that a double skill point week is coming to DUST 514. The week will kick off on August 7th and will run for seven calendar days. Check out the details below.

Mordu's Challenge Event Begins Tomorrow

DUST 514 players will want to head into the game to check out the Mordu's Challenge Event. During Mordu's Challenge, players are tasked with completing several challenges to earn new weapons and gear.

Largely a Success

CCP has released what is considered by many to be a ground-breaking new game in the form of DUST 514 with its direct game play relationship with EVE Online. We've put DUST 514 through its paces to offer up our official review. Read on and then tell us about your experiences in the comments.