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Dungeons & Dragons Online Articles

Dungeons &  Dragons Online Update 57 Adds a New Toggle and Changes to Support New and Melee Players

 Dungeons & Dragons Online is adding a new type of damage toggle, and making some other changes to support newer and melee-oriented players in the latest update, Grip of the Hidden Hand. 

UPDATED: Dungeons and Dragons Online Downtime Extends to Second Day

Yesterday, the latest patch for Dungeons & Dragons Online caused an issue with Reincarnation Caches, leading the devs to bring the servers down for a fix. Downtime has lasted for nearly 24 hours.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Archetypes and Archvillains Update Lets You Play Classes In a New Way

Dungeons & Dragons Online has released its new update, Archetypes and Archvillains, and the new content and options just might change how you play.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Update Fixes Several Issues and Opens Sixth Permadeath Hardcore League

If you're looking for a challenge, Dungeons and Dragons Online has just opened its sixth permadeath Hardcore League. The game also gets a housekeeping update with fixes.

Permadeath Challenge Hardcore League is Back Next Week in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Next week, Hardcore League 6 brings back the hardest Dungeons & Dragons Online mode with permadeath and a challenge for all that feel confident enough to attempt it.

Test Some of Isle of Dread's New Features in Dungeons and Dragons Online

The next expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Online, Isle of Dread, is coming in June. Parts of the upcoming content and update 55 are now up for a limited preview test.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Adds the Tabaxi and Opens Preorders for the Next Expansion Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Dungeons & Dragons Online adds the Tabaxi and Tabaxi Trailblazer, fixes a series of bugs, tweaks the UI, and opens up the next expansion for preorders.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Marks 16th Anniversary and Permantly Unlocks More Races & Classes For Free

DDO is marking its 16th anniversary with a new content pack, Hunter and Hunted, as well as the anniversary event, and permanent free unlocks for several races and classes.

Grab all Released Quest Content for Dungeons & Dragons Online For Free Right Now

Dungeons & Dragons Online players can grab an extensive bundle of free quest content via a new limited-time offer.

Enter the Crypt for Rewards in Dungeons & Dragons Online's Halloween Event

Dungeons & Dragons Online's Night Revels event for Halloween is on now, with new ways to earn keys and some new items and rewards.

Dungeons and Dragons Online Will Overhaul Epics, Trees, and More in Major Update

The next update for Dungeons and Dragons Online is a major one. Epic Destinies are being redone, Trees will change, and there are other updates coming to the game.

PSA: Several Daybreak Games Going Down for 24 Hours Today for Monthly Patch and Migration

Here's a quick PSA for us all. Daybreak will undergo a 24 hour extended downtime for most games today due to their monthly patch and maintenance. Here are the details for you to prepare just in case.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Is Getting A Mini-Expansion, Called 'The Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh'

Standing Stone Games is testing the waters of the mini-expansion release with their other MMO, Dungeons & Dragons Online, with Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini announcing the D&D game will see one hit this year.

Dungeons and Dragons Online's Snowpeaks Festival Live

The Snowpeaks Festival is live in Dungeons & Dragons Online bringing a bunch of rewards for you to earn.

Dungeons and Dragons Online - Fables of the Feywild Content is Available NOW

Unicorns, Blink dogs and Cooshees are just some of the fantastical new monsters that you can battle against in the new Dungeons and Dragons Online update, Fables of the Feywild. Myth and legend is alive and well in this new update, now available for purchase.