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Dungeons & Dragons Online Articles

PAX - Update 11 Preview

During the recent PAX convention, MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh stopped by the Turbine booth to chat with the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimted Executive Producer Fernando Paiz about new features and content coming with Update 11. Carolyn's got the skinny on just what's coming down the pike and it's a great read! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update 10 Impressions

During a recent in-game tour of Dungeons & Dragons Online, MMORPG.com's Drew Wood had the opportunity to tour some of the new content that Update 10: Reign of Madness. Check out what Drew took in and his impressions of the latest in a string of DDO updates. Have some thoughts to share? Please do!

Update 8 Tour

MMORPG.com columnist Jaime Skelton recently had the opportunity to tour Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 8 with Turbine developers. Update 8 is scheduled to launch today, Monday, December 13th with a new adventure pack and new store items. Jaime's got a full report on Update 8 so check it out and leave us a comment or two when you're finished reading!

Update 6 Tour

MMORPG.com's Jaime Skelton recently had the chance to go out on a tour of the new Dungeons & Dragons Online content introduced with Update 6. Jaime got a good look at the new Red Fens adventure pack and the quest line that allows players to engage in underwater combat. See what Jaime thought of the Red Fens and fighting beneath the waves.

Update 3 Preview

MMORPG.com's own Jaime Skelton recently participated in a preview of Update 3 for Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online. Today, she files her report.

The Dreaming Dark Preview

The team at Turbine has a new adventure pack, The Dreaming Dark. Our own Jaime Skelton had the opportunity recently to take a tour of the new content.

Update One Preview

MMORPG.com's Jamie Skelton presents this first look at the first update for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, which launches today.

Unlimited Examined

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood takes a look at Turbine's DDO: Unlimited, the Free 2 Play rebirth of the company's Dungeons and Dragons MMO.

Module 6 Preview

News Manager Keith Cross recently had the opportunity to take an early look at Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse for Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. Today, he files this report on the new module as well as a quick look at the game since launch.

Demon Sands Preview

The next module is about to hit this Turbine MMOG and Carolyn Koh spent the time to learn what's under the hood.

PAX Look Forward

James Jones runs Carolyn Koh through the game.

MMORPG.com Preview

Jon Wood has been playing Tubrine's Dungeons and Dragons Online. Here is his preview.

Game Preview

MMORPG.com took part in an event hosted by Turbine in San Francisco last week. Jon Wood filed this preview of the game based on his play time.

E3 2005 Preview

Turbine gave us an up-close look at their next product to hit store shelves. Were they able to adapt the fabled tabletop game in a way that will excite both fans and non-fans alike?