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Dungeon Overlord Overview

Dungeon Overlord is a free-to-play hardcore strategy MMOG. In the game, players begin with a tiny lair and a few goblins; but by raiding camps, pillaging enemy players, training minions and researching spells, overlords can expand their territory into an empire as well as try to crown themselves king.


  • Start Your Kingdom | Build your dungeon and attract an army capable of world domination.
  • Expand Your Empire | Construct new dungeons, raid the Overworld and pillage other players.
  • Interact with Others | Buy items from the player-driven market, form alliances, enslave your friends, attack and even conquer your enemies.
  • Crown Yourself King | Claim the Heart of the Mountain and tax your fellow players.
  • Unlock Rewards | Complete epic quests, research new technologies or craft your own equipment to obtain stronger minions, upgrades and rewards.
RTSGuru.com | Defying Expectations & Staying Connected

The RTSGuru.com team had the chance to chat with Harlan Beverly of Night Owl Games about their new mobile app, the direction Dungeon Overlord has taken, getting past the idea of what a game on Facebook can be, and making community feedback work. Check it out at RTSGuru.com.

Expansion Announced

Dungeon Overlord fans will rejoice in the news that an expansion is incoming. Called "The Succubus Stories", the expansion is friendly to both new and veteran players. The latter group will have new challenges added in the form of repeatable PvP endgame content.

If You Loved Dungeon Keeper...

Ack! A Facebook game review? What ARE they thinking? It appears that there is actually a reason to check out Dungeon Overlord and we have tons of reasons why. Keep reading!