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Dungeon of the Endless Overview

Dungeon of the Endless is a blend of tower defense and roguelike with RPG elements and an emphasis on challenging gameplay. The game joins developer Amplitude Studios' other titles Endless Space and Endless Legend. This time around, a group of heroes must make their way through a series of randomly-generated dungeon rooms, all while protecting a special generator. Creatures will try to stop you from finding the exit, attacking in waves while you try to protect your own skin and the generator supplying your team. Players will encounter a series of puzzling defense encounters but will also have the option to strengthen their heroes through an RPG-style customization system. Collecting resources and research are important, since heroes can use skill trees to specialize in areas like combat, defense, or even skills that encourage generator survival. The game will feature over 30 heroes, and some players might need them. If the group dies out or the generator is destroyed, that's it - game over. FEATURES
  • New Experiences Each Time | Randomly generated dungeon maps and the challenging premise of Dungeon of the Endless encourage players to try new strategies.
  • Four-person Co-op | Bring the challenge to your friends as four players may team up to fight alongside one another to complete the game.
  • Graphically Modern Genre-Blender | With its 2D retro inspiration and 3D graphics, the game blends several genres, including tower defense, strategy, and RPG to create a challenging, modern game.
Indie Roguelike Coming to Xbox One

Gamescom's spouting a wealth of indie game news tidbits, among them that Amplitude Studios is bringing its retro dungeon defense game Dungeon of the Endless to Xbox One. The Xbox version will have all the PC game's combat, strategy, exploration and loot, but will be optimized for the Xbox One gamepad.

Dungeon of the Endless Preview

Dungeon of the Endless is a bit of a mind-bender to describe. In fact, when I first heard of it, I had trouble conceptualizing what the game even was. A rogue-like melded with tower defense? What does that even look like? If ever there were two genres I didn’t expect to meet, those were it. Imagine my surprise when I found that it’s also a full-fledged RPG with definite RTS leanings. Mind. Blown.