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Duelyst Articles

Limited Time Boss Battles Arrive

The Duelyst team has sent word that a new feature is ready for testing. At select times, special boss events will open up. Each boss is uniquely controlled and with a custom deck and starting board slot. Players beating the boss earn a free Spirit Orb and a Boss Crate. Over the next few weeks, two boss battles will debut for testing.

Rise of the Bloodborn Expansion Goes Live

Duelyst has expanded with the release of Rise of the Bloodborn. The new expansion brings thirty-nine cards with an emphasis on Bloodborn spells. There are six new cards for each faction with three neutral cards bringing the total number of cards in the game to more than 450.

Steam Launch is a Go & Expansion Launch Date Revealed

Counterplay Games has announced that Duelyst is now available on Steam and that the Denizens of Shim'zar expansion is set to be released on Tuesday, August 30th.The expansion will bring over a hundred new cards into the game and will include new units, spells and tokens.

Earn a Special Card Back by Preordering a Special Bundle

The Duelyst team has sent word that they are running a special on the 50 Shim'zar Orb Bundle for $49.99. Pre-purchasing this bundle by August 30th nets a special Shim'Zar card back.

Denizens of Shim'zar Expansion Coming August 30th

Duelyst will be expanding on August 30th with the release of Denizens of Shim'zar. The new expansion will bring new units, spells and tokens to the game and is available for pre-order beginning today.

New Live-Streaming Feature Introduced

Counterplay Games has introduced several new features with the latest Duelyst update. Players will find 4 new monthly cards, legendary general skins, new emotes, 3 new lore pieces added to the Codex and the ability to share an awesome replay in chat.

Latest Update Spruces Up the Game with Cosmetic Items & More

Duelyst has been updated with a large patch that brings some neat new cosmetic items into the game including new emotes, profile icons, and card backs. Every cosmetic in this update can be purchased for real world cash or crafted with Spirit. Anyone who registered prior to this particular update will get "Base General Emotes" as thanks for their participation.

Card Game Meets Turn-Based Strategy Coated with Pixel Art

For a change, let’s start with a challenge: Can you find any article about digital CCGs (collectible card games) that doesn’t mention Hearthstone at least once? See, I already did it myself. However, even if you are not the biggest fan of Blizzard’s success game, it is hard to neglect how much it opened the door for a new generation of great digital card games. One of those is Duelyst, a Kickstarter-funded little gem that is so much more than just a CCG.