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Dual Universe Articles

Dual Universe Open Beta Preview

Mitch hops into the long-awaited open beta of Dual Universe, giving his thoughts on the persistent universe space MMO.

Dual Universe PvP Demo Impressions

Dual Universe is one of the most anticipated space MMORPGs in development right now. With a new subscription model coming in August and boasting a bevy of options in the way that you can build and interact with the world, Novaquark was kind enough to bring us in to watch a full-scale PvP space-battle unfold, and answer a few questions along the way. Will Dual Universe's PvP scratch that space battle itch?

Dual Universe's Blank Canvas Is Full Of Player Possibilities

Dual Universe's blank canvas is full of player-created possibilities. From terraforming a planet to your liking to creating a whole new city from the ground up, Novaquark took us through a short demo of its latest Alpha 2 features and some still to come.

The Potential to Be Every Man’s Sky

Right now, on Kickstarter, Dual Universe is about half-way towards its 500,000 Euros goal to “finish” a game that boasts the ability for every single person who plays to share a single universe with fully editable voxel worlds, player-made ships, and constructs. Novaquark’s game is nothing short of phenomenally ambitious, but we’ve heard that before.