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Dual Universe Launching Its Beta August 27th With New Subscription Model

Starting a $6.99/month

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Novaquark has finally announced a Beta launch date for its upcoming Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe. The MMO will see its Beta open its doors on August 27th, supported by a subscription model.

The new announcement comes via a press release from Novaquark, which will also see its NDA lift on the content. The team behing Dual Universe is opting for a subscription plan once the Beta hits, a plan which will continue once the MMO has fully released come 2021.

The press release details the model for the subscription fee, giving players a discount should they purchase the sub at different time intervals of 3, 6 and 12 months.

Novaquark has opted for a subscription model once the Beta goes live. Players looking to experience Dual Universe will have several pricing options available at that time. The company has positioned the game to be accessible, so that players don’t have to shelve out too much per year. Subscriptions begin at $6.99/month, with three options available at launch (with more to come later on). The longer your subscription, the more you save annually, with the 12-month option including two free months in the price.

Players who want to jump in right now can do so for $60 on the official website.

Dual Universe aims to create a living, breathing universe with players controlling their fates in that universe on a scale not seen before, with the full game arriving in 2021.


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