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Dual Universe Articles

Dual Universe Reveals Details of First Two Upcoming Patches, Including Rewards, and a Minor Radar Overhaul

Dual Universe has now been out for just over a month and the Novaquark team has given an idea of what we can expect going forward in the first two updates. 

Dual Universe Launches Today, Has All The Typical Launch Woes

Dual Universe finally launches out of early access today, bringing the sandbox sci-fi title to players on PC.

Dual Universe Preps For Tomorrow's Launch With New Launch Trailer

Dual Universe finally drops out of Early Access tomorrow, September 27th, and the team at Novaquark are celebrating with a new launch trailer giving a taste of what's to come.

Dual Universe Gets Free Trial Server As Downtime Coming For Reset and Launch Next Week

Developer Novaquark is offering a new free Dual Universe trial via Steam and preparing to shut down the servers this week to wipe the server before launch on the 27th.

Dual Universe Announces Build Your Legacy and Ammo Madness Events in September Before Wipe and Launch

Dual Universe is launching on September 27th, and Novaquark has announced two events to send off the beta: Build Your Legacy and Ammo Madness.

Dual Universe Has a Guide On What to Do to Prepare for Reset Ahead of Launch

With launch next month and a wipe coming to start things completely fresh, the Dual Universe team has a guide on how to prepare for the reset, and what you can keep.

Dual Universe Leaves Beta For Full Launch On September 27th, Coming To Steam

Dual Universe, Novaquark's space sandbox that has been in beta for quite some time, now has an official release date. Dual Universe will be leaving beta and launching officially on September 27th on Steam.

Dual Universe Will Have a Full Wipe and Reset At Launch, But Veterans Won't Lose Everything

At launch, Dual Universe will have a full reset, with nearly everything wiped. Players will start under the same circumstances, and developers will have the chance to really polish the final build.

Dual Universe Schematics Are Being Completely Overhauled

Schematics in Dual Universe are being completely overhauled after Novaquark feels they rushed to add the system.

Dual Universe Mercury Update Adds the Exchange, a Community Marketplace and Resets Talent Points

Novaquark is marking two years of the Dual Universe beta with the Mercury update. The update adds the Exchange, a community marketplace, resets talent points, and overhauls the Lua API.

Dual Universe Development 'At Full Speed', Flotillas and Planetary Warfare to Come, No Decision on a Wipe Yet

NQ-Kyrios, Dual Universe's Creative Director says no decision on a wipe has been made yet, but development "continues at full speed" and lays out a number of upcoming features in the works, like flotillas, and planetary warfare.

Dual Universe Devs Talk the Future of PvP, Including Potential Support Functions Like Remote Repair

The latest developer Q&A for Dual Universe covers community questions about the return of the warp drive LUA API and the future of PvP, including potential support functions like remote repair and more.

Dual Universe Offers Deep Dive into Alien Core Units and How they Work for PvP and Resources

Take a deep dive into the new Alien Core Units for Dual Universe, including how they work for resource gathering and PvP.

Space Battles, Graphics Overhauls, New Market, as the Athena Update is Now Live in Dual Universe

After final testing for polish, Novaquark has released the packed Athena update for Dual Universe.

Dual Universe Shows Off Major Graphical Upgrades Coming in Athena

The Dual Universe devs show off some impressive VFX overhauls with a new devblog and video preview of these improvements coming soon in Athena.