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Dual Universe Articles

Checking in with Novaquark’s Ambitious Space Sandbox

Since its successful Kickstarter, Novaquark has been hard at work on bringing their epic sandbox MMO Dual Universe to life. The single-shard massive universe is a huge undertaking, and we caught up with Jean Christophe-Baillie, Founder of Novaquark to see how far along they are and what’s coming next.

Gamescom 2016 - So Much Promise & Potential

Dual Universe has so much promise and potential, I went to see it twice. Fortunately I am not going for a lowbrow joke here, over the course of Gamescom I first sat down with Ludovic Serny, the Community & Social Media manager at Novaquark. A day or so later there was the chance to sit down and chat with Jean-Christophe Baillie, President at Novaquark.

How the Game's Single Shard Server Works

Dual Universe is an incredibly ambitious game, and I wouldn't blame you if you felt a little skeptical about its promise of creating a shared universe where millions of players can coexist. Dual Universe isn't just meant to be explored, but also lived in as players begin to organize and form their own digital societies. During E3 in LA, I sat down with the founder of Dual Universe developer Novaquark, JC Baillie, to talk candidly about what Dual Universe is, but more importantly, how it works.