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Dual Universe Overview

Dual Universe claims itself to be "the ultimate sandbox: a single-server universe shared by potentially millions of players." The game’s innovative “Continuous Single Shard” technology allows millions of players to play in the same virtual world at the same time, without loading between zones, time dilation or server instantiation. "The dream of a persistent universe shared by millions of players is finally around the corner."

10,000 years after a neutron star collision destroyed Earth, you and millions of others awake from cryosleep in a new galaxy. You are the new inhabitants of this distant land, and your goal is to rebuild society in this brand new solar system. Make your mark in this new universe by playing whatever role you wish. Dual Universe offers a limitless number of playstyles, since your role is not defined by a character class, but by the choices you make.

Will you be a champion of battle, a lawless space pirate, a cargo hauler, or an industry magnate? The choice is yours in this brand new, unexplored world. But you’re not alone. Joining you on this journey are your fellow Noveans, all playing at the same time, in the same shared universe. Join forces and take control of the galaxy, or go to war with other organizations vying for the same. As you explore the far reaches of Dual Universe, you’ll either band together to rebuild a new world as you see fit, or watch it burn at your feet. 


  • Boundless Massively-Multiplayer Game
    Potentially millions of players can share the same universe at the same time with Dual Universe's "Continuous Single Shard" server technology. No zone loading, time dilation, or server instantation.
  • Rich Emergent Gameplay Mechanisms
    Player structures and organizations at the heart of social gameplay. Create your squad with open and flexible structures: corporations, nations, bands of pirates, and more. Build up your organization to own constructs, goods, etc.
  • Fully Editable World
    Sculpt matter to build outposts, cities, bunkers, castles, spacecraft, space
    stations, and more, from small to gigantic. Add functional elements such as doors, force fields, buttons, containers, screens, and much more, and then customize them at will with Lua scriptin Manage who has access to your builds with extensive rights management
  • Realistic In-Game Economy
    Gather resources and mine rare ores, refine raw materials, and mass produce
    goods — you’re in total control throughout the entire refinement process. Engage in totally player-driven free trade and markets. Have an excellent ship design? Mass-produce it and become wealthy off your creativity!
  • Immersive First-Person View
    In a futuristic sci-fi universe. Explore multiple large planets with a diverse set of biomes. Discover varied planets, asteroids, and moons. Uncover lore, secrets and puzzles as you explore the far reaches of the galaxy