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Dreamlords: Resurrection Articles

Monster Blog: Update 3!

We are very excited to announce that concept Artist Bjorn has just published the third update to our exclusive Dreamlords Monster Design Blog! Don't miss the new update and opportunity to help forge this beast!

Monster Design Blog - Update 2

The Dreamlords concept artist, Björn has just made his second update in our exclusive Monster Design Blog! Make sure to check it out and feel free to take part in its evolution!

Interview with Jon Selin

The Lead Designer of Dreamlords drops in to answer a bevy of questions from the man who first spoke to him at E3 in May. Dreamlords is a unique MMORTS/RPG.

Jon Selin, Lead Designer

The Lead Designer of this MMORPG/RTS answers a bevy of questions from Garrett Fuller.

Monster Design Blog - Update 1

After a few days of gathering dozens of ideas from our community - the concept artist Björn has posted his first update of the monster! Check to see how it is coming along and help shape it!

Closed Beta

The MMO, Dreamlords has announced that they have reached the Beta Phase of their game's development. AS with most MMOs, the first Beta Phase is closed, with the Open Beta still some time away, but they are still looking for more applicants to be added in throughout the beta.

Our Exclusive Monster Design Blog!

MMORPG.com is proud to present our first ever monster design blog feature. We have partnered with Lockpick Entertainment to allow our community to help design a monster in their upcoming MMO "Deamlords"!

Dreamlords Races

As the people over at Dreamlords prepare for their beta phase, they have provided us with some information on the game's races, as well as some screenshots from the alpha stage of the game's development.

E3 2006 Preview

Garrett Fuller looks at this MMORPG-RTS.