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Drakensang Online Articles

Sands Of Malice Coming Out February 28th

Drakensang Online team has posted a new video to celebrate the upcoming launch of the latest content expansion to the game. Called Sands of Malice, it will take players to a new desert region filled with dangers and mysteries.

Upcoming Expansion Sands of Malice Announced

Drakensang Online announces its latest expansion the "Sands of Malice."

Rise of Balor to be Released August 26th

Bigpoint has announced that the Rise of Balor expansion to Drakensang Online will be released on August 26th. The expansion is considered the largest ever in the "hack'n'slay" game's history and brings new lands to explore, a new level cap and much more.

Skill System Overhauled for Rise of Balor Update

Bigpoint has reached out to let us know that the skill system overhaul for Drakensang Online is nearly finished and will be deployed with the Rise of Balor update.

Mac Players Can Now Join the Fray

Bigpoint has announced that Drakensang Online is now available for Mac users. The Mac client is currently in beta but can be downloaded for players to try out.

Bernd Beyreuther Talks Appealing to Fans

Drakensang Online has slowly but surely garnering attention around the MMO and action-RPG space for awhile now, even drawing favorable comparisons to that other action RPG that launched this week. In our latest interview, we talk with Drakensang's Head of Development Bernd Beyreuther. See what we discovered and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

New Skills Added in Latest Update

The Drakensang Online team has posted the latest update notes on the official forums. The last patch adds a host of bug fixes but, more compellingly, a bunch of new skills that players can access on reaching certain levels over time.

Our Official Drakensang Online Review

Drakensang Online has a lot of folks interested in playing with its literary tie-in as well as its Diablo-like game play. We've been putting Drakensang Online through its paces. See how it did in our official review.

Publisher Bigpoint Scores 250M Registered Users

Bigpoint has surpassed a huge milestone with the 250,000,000th registered user for its stable of games. The press release further states that over 250,000 new players register each and every day. Signature titles at Bigpoint include Battlestar Galactica Online, Drakensang Online, Dark Orbit, and Farmerama.

First Impressions Overview with Ripper X

MMORPG.com's Ripper X takes a look at the new free to play browser based MMORPG, Drakensang. Watch as Ripper takes his first steps in the world and see lots of game play action. Check out Drakensang: First Impressions Overview with Ripper X.

First Impressions Overview

Ripper X takes a look at the new Free to Play F2P Browser based MMORPG Drakensang.

Game Hopper Visits Duria

BigPoint's Drakensang is one of the new generation of F2P action online MMORPGs that are quick to pick up and play. The world of Drakensang pits humanity against its oldest and deadliest foe: The dragon. Jump into our latest issue of Game Hopper to get the basics of what Drakensang is all about and then leap over to try it out yourself!

Norlande Expansion Brings 3rd Class

The Drakensang Online team has announced that the Norlande expansion will arrive in game before Christmas. In addition to the content expansion (new quests, items, zones, etc.), players will also have the opportunity to try out the Ranger class, the third class to be included in the game.