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Shadow of Betrayal

Runewaker and Infernum have announced that a significant content expansion has been released to the EU version of Dragon's Prophet. Called "Shadow of Betrayal", the game world will expand with a new zone, two new adventure dungeons and one new raid dungeon, tons of new quest items and gear, and a level cap increase to 105.

Olandra Zone Trailer

Next week, SOE and Runewaker's Dragon's Prophet will be getting a massive upgrade in the new zone of Olandra. A level cap boost, new dragons, new dungeons, and lots more are all highlighted in this new video. MMORPG - http://www.mmorpg.com Dragon's Prophet Game Page - http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/692/Dragons-Prophet.html

Ride Until You Die Super Metal Video

Sony Online Entertainment has released the final installment of the #SuperMetal Dragon's prophet video series. This time, the vide spotlights camaraderie of the 'broseph' mentality within the game. Enjoy!

Frontier System Trailer

Runewaker and Sony Online Entertainment have released a great new trailer to give players the first information and look at the new Frontier PvP system that is set to land on game servers in the near future. Check it out!

Gamescom Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released a brand new trailer in honor of Gamescom 2013. In this video, players are given a sneak peek at the upcoming Frontier System coming to the game soon. The Frontier System shines the spotlight on the GvG Territory PvP battle mayhem. Check out the video for more!

SOE Live Panel

The full presentation and panel from the SOE Dragon's Prophet team.

Todd Carson on Wintertide and Open Beta Changes

MMORPG.com 's Rob interviewing Todd Carson about Dragons prophet, the upcoming content update, and much more.

Face Melting Metal Trailer

SOE and the Dragon's Prophet team have released this "face melting" metal video.

First Impressions with Ripper X!

Ripper X takes a first look at the upcoming MMORPG Dragons Prophet for some First Impressions gameplay! Dragon's Prophet is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Runewalker Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment centered around the capture and care of dragons. Players may choose a dragon and take to the skies in mounted combat, or stay on the ground and fight with a trained drake, instead. The game has a state-of-the-art Auto Target system to assist in the fast action combat. Players also c

Gameplay Tour with SOE's Todd Carson

Bill Murphy hangs out with Todd Carson (Senior Producer at SOE) to talk about all things Dragon's Prophet. They show off the combat, the dragons, the taming, the training, the crafting, and talk about the PVP, Housing, and even Open Beta!