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Dragon's Prophet Articles

Olandra Brings a New Level Cap and Underwater Adventure

Yesterday, we sat down with SOE’s Todd Carson to talk about some big upcoming content additions to Dragon’s Prophet next week and later on in February and March. From new zones to new dungeons, new features, new character levels (90-94), new dragons, and even Dragon Arena where you can pit your collection against another player’s, it seems that Dragon’s Prophet is about ready for a second look. Read on for more details gleaned from our chat with Todd Carson.

PvP in the Making - The Frontier System

Dragon's Prophet has been in North American release for just about two weeks now, with a stronger-than-ever PvE component. But what about PvP? We took a tour of the Frontier System and have a great preview to share. Check it out before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Not 'Dragon' Its Heels

Now that the official launch day for Sony Online Entertainment's and Runewaker's Dragon's Prophet has finally arrived, it is worth taking a few minutes to catch up on what the team has been up to during the open beta and what players into the newly minted game can expect to find. Check out our preview before heading into Dragon's Prophet to see for yourself. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Inartia Rising

Dragon's Prophet will be expanding soon with a new landmass called "Inartia" and some features that are sure to please players in big ways. We spoke with the DP team at PAX Prime and have a preview of the expansion you won't want to miss. Read on before heading to the comments to discuss the changes.

What’s to Come from E3 2013

During E3 a couple of weeks ago, our team managed to catch up to the Dragon's Prophet team to find out what's next for the newly launched title. Find out what's in store in our exclusive preview and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

First Impressions of Open Beta

Dragon's Prophet has officially entered its North American open beta and is already generating a lot of buzz. We've spent some time in game and have some impressions to share. See what we think before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Runewaker's Onto Something

Dragon's Prophet is currently in beta testing in both North America and in Europe. We spent some time exploring Runewaker's first foray into the MMO space after Runes of Magic. We think you'll be surprised by what you read. Head to the comments afterward to discuss.

How To Train Your Dragons

Dragon's Prophet is getting ready to make a big splash in the MMO-space in the near future as the time for open beta and retail release approaches. We managed to get some hands on time with Dragon's Prophet and have a report about some of the very unique features that it brings to the table. See what we discovered before heading into the comments.

Training Our Dragons at GDC

Sony Online Entertainment's version of Dragon's Prophet is steaming ahead with beta testing and offered GDC attendees a chance to check out the game firsthand. We've got a terrific preview to share before the discussion is taken to the comments! Read on!