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Dragon's Prophet Articles

Savage Hunt, Successor to Dragon's Prophet, Launching Tomorrow...We Think

According to a brief post on the "DragonsProphetEurope.com" forums, it appears that the "spiritual successor" to Dragon's Prophet called Savage Hunt will be launching tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6th. Community Manager "Ildruin" posted, "Well guys, as I promised...as soon as I get the information, I will forward it to you! So here goes! Savage Hunt will be released on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017. That's just two days! Buckle up!".

New Community-Driven Content Released

Gamigo has announced that new stability and technology improvements have been applied to Dragon's Prophet servers in addition to new cosmetic costumes, and a new and simplified hatching function. Lastly, bug fixes for dungeons, quests and items have also been applied.

North American Operations to Cease November 16th

Daybreak Game Company and Runewaker Entertainment have decided to stop operations of Dragon's Prophet in North America. Servers will close on Monday, November 16th. Players can continue playing through that date and items in the in-game marketplace have had prices reduced. Players can use Daybreak Cash for these items through the final day, or use it in other DGC games.

EU Version Expands with Shadow of Betrayal

Runewaker and Infernum have announced that a significant content expansion has been released to the EU version of Dragon's Prophet. Called "Shadow of Betrayal", the game world will expand with a new zone, two new adventure dungeons and one new raid dungeon, tons of new quest items and gear, and a level cap increase to 105.

Creation Festival Commemorates One-Year Anniversary

Free to play fantasy MMO Dragon's Prophet this week celebrates its one-year anniversary with the Creation Festival, featuring the trickster Pinata messenger, new games and quests. Developer Runewalker also announces new shop items, an increased drop rate, and login rewards.

Big Update, Big Features Added

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that some big new features have been added to Dragon's Prophet that give players brand new ways to play the game and ways to find out what dragons await collection throughout the game world.

Olandra Zone Launches

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that a new zone has been added to Dragon's Prophet. Called "Olandra", the new area and content bring a host of changes and feature enhancement. Mounted combat and class systems, in particular, have been given the once over and a new dragon to celebrate the Year of the Horse can be tamed by players.

Fulfill Your PvE Role While Mounted

Dragon's Prophet EU has been patched to bring PvE mounted combat into the game in an overhauled form. Players, according to the patch notes, can now fulfill their role as tank, healer or DPS all while sitting astride their favorite dragons.

Playing in Style Via XBox 1

Infernum Games, the EU publisher of Dragon's Prophet, has released a new video that shows off how simple it is to dive into the game via the just-released XBox 1. The team produced a video to show off the console's capabilities.

Update Adds Highlord System, First Raid

SOE has deployed a new update to Dragon's Prophet that adds the 'Highlord' system and Alentia, a brand new zone.

Ride Until You Die Super Metal Video Released

Sony Online Entertainment has released the final installment of the #SuperMetal Dragon's Prophet video series. This time, the vide spotlights camaraderie of the 'broseph' mentality within the game. Enjoy!

Worldwide Launch Day Arrives

Dragon's Prophet has finally reached its official worldwide launch day. Both Sony Online Entertainment's and Infernum's version of the game is available to play for free and with significant improvements over the beta client version.

Crystalline Dragon Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has partnered with SOE to give out Crystalline Dragon codes for Dragon's Prophet. Grab a key now while supplies last!

Cosplay Winner Crowned

The Dragon's Prophet cosplay winner has been crowned after the Dragon Cosplay Summit 2013 that took place during the recently held Gamescom. Laura 'Lightning' Jansen not only won the Dragon's Prophet portion, but took top honors for the entire cosplay event.

'Living Metal' Video Released

Sony Online Entertainment and the Dragon's Prophet team have released the next in a series of video about being "supermetal". The latest video is called "Living Metal" and is a primer on how to best live metal along with a smokin' hot metal soundtrack. Check it out!