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Dragon's Prophet Articles

Todd Carson on Wintertide and Open Beta Changes

MMORPG.com 's Rob interviewing Todd Carson about Dragons prophet, the upcoming content update, and much more.

 Live Chat with Todd Carson TONIGHT!

Dragon's Prophet fans won't want to miss tonight's chat with Todd Carson to find out more about the upcoming content expansion, the new zone, new dungeons, and changes to the Open Beta. Join Rob Lashley and Todd Carson at 9:30 pm EDT in the MMORPG.com Live Stream Channel.

Hatched Too Soon

Dragon's Prophet has been on our radar for some time coming from Sony Online Entertainment and Runewaker. We've been chronicling our adventures in Dragon's Prophet for a few weeks and now have our final and official review to offer. See what we thought and then leave your impressions in the comments.

First Open Beta Update to Hit Soon

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that a big Dragon's Prophet update is slated to hit live servers very soon. Not only will the update feature the new Wintertide zone, it will also feature new gear and dungeons as well. The team is also preparing for the second Supermetal video that is going to rock the world next week.

Wintertide Revealed

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Dragon's Prophet will be cooling off for summer with the new addition of Wintertide in the very near future. Players will have the chance to face off against hordes of marauding giants and trolls in the new zone.

Review in Progress #3

As we wind down our series of Review in Progress articles for Dragon's Prophet, we find ourselves nearing the end of our discovery process on the way to offering our final conclusions. In this week's article, Bill offers his thoughts on communication and much much more. Read on before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

What’s to Come from E3 2013

During E3 a couple of weeks ago, our team managed to catch up to the Dragon's Prophet team to find out what's next for the newly launched title. Find out what's in store in our exclusive preview and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Review In Progress #2

Now that E3 has wrapped up, we can once again pick up our Review in Progress series as it applies to Dragon's Prophet. In this week's article, we talk about the level 20ish doldrums. See why we say so before lending your voice to the discussion in the comments.

Review in Progress #1

Now that Dragon's Prophet has officially hit public release in North America via Sony Online Entertainment, it's time to begin our Review in Progress. We take the wraps off the game and examine a few of the features in our journey to the final review. Read on and then share your thoughts in the comments.

Face Melting Metal Trailer

SOE and the Dragon's Prophet team have released this "face melting" metal video.

Face Melting Super Metal Video Celebrates E3

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new pre-E3 video for Dragon's Prophet. Devs are calling it "face melting super metal" and it features the music by Cinderella drummer Fred Coury and guitarist Brent Woods, and lyrics by Ayzenberg Group. See what you think and let us know!

First Impressions of Open Beta

Dragon's Prophet has officially entered its North American open beta and is already generating a lot of buzz. We've spent some time in game and have some impressions to share. See what we think before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Open Beta Begins

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the North American open beta for Dragon's Prophet will be live later this afternoon PST. Players can sign up on the official site, grab the client, and begin playing as of May 30th.

Open Beta to Kick Off on May 30th

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the open beta for Dragon's Prophet will begin on May 30th. In addition to this announcement, SOE has lifted the non-disclosure agreement for current closed beta testers who can now reveal their thoughts about the game.

First Impressions with Ripper X!

Ripper X takes a first look at the upcoming MMORPG Dragons Prophet for some First Impressions gameplay! Dragon's Prophet is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Runewalker Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment centered around the capture and care of dragons. Players may choose a dragon and take to the skies in mounted combat, or stay on the ground and fight with a trained drake, instead. The game has a state-of-the-art Auto Target system to assist in the fast action combat. Players also c