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Dragon's Call Articles

Closed Beta Key Giveaway Announced

Gamedp has announced that the closed beta for Dragon's Call II will kick off in mid-September. To celebrate the announcement, the team is conducting a closed beta key giveaway as well as recruiting volunteer staff to care for the Dragon's Call II community.

Vampire Class to be Released November 10th

The Dragon's Call team has announced that the latest class to be added to the game will officially hit servers on November 10th. The Vampire class will also feature two advanced classes: Count of Night and Undead Warlock.

Dawn Breaking Expansion Coming November 9th

Gamedp.com has announced that the Dawn Breaking expansion for Dragon's Call will be released on Wednesday, November 9th. The new expansion brings tons of new content as well as the new vampire class into Dragon's Call.

Vampire Class Incoming

On August 18th, Dragon's Call announced that the game will be patched to version 2.0 in the near future. With the arrival of the update, the Vampire class be released. Other features to be added or overhauled in the new patch include the Wage System, an auto-sell option, the ability for players to reset skills at level 40 and more.

Eighth Server Launching

The Dragon's Call team has announced that the game's eighth server, "Orclar", will be launching on June 28th. The new server will specialize in the Asian community. Dragon's Call is a browser-based MMO from Everdream Studios.

For a Player's Death

A sad, but nice, story coming out of the world of Dragon's Call. Having recently lost a friend of the game, a Player Volunteer by the name of 'Barbarian', the Dragon's Call community cried out for a tribute to their fallen brother.

Combine Magic System Overhauled

EverDream Studios has announced that modifications have been made to the Combine Magic System in the latest update to Dragon's Call. Developers indicate that the changes were made using suggestions from players and that they have been well-received since implementation.

Welcome Back Event

The good people over at EverDream are hosting a warm "Welcome Back Event" in Dragon's Call now.

Server 4 Launches

The team at EverDream Studio is excited to announce the addition of their Fourth (and significantly larger) server.

Earn Your Wings

Everdream Studios and the Dragon's Call team have announced a new competition with players earning wings as they climb the PvP ranks in the Sky City Arena. Wings are being implemented to bring some of the most anticipated features into the game now before the Dragon's Call expansion, Sacred Wings. As players compete and win, they are awarded feathers that can be exchanged for angel's or devil's wings.