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Getting to Know Dragon Oath

By Garrett Fuller on September 30, 2009 | Interviews | Comments

Getting to Know Dragon Oath

Dragon Oath has a great social aspect to the game. Can you start by telling us about some of the features players can explore on a social level?

Martin Tan:

Dragon Oath is a Free-to-Play MMORPG that encourages players to socialize and work with each other. One of the many ways that players can keep in touch with each other is through the player journal. Each player can keep journal entries on their character so that other players can keep tabs on what they have been up to in the world. Another great feature is the ability to become "kin" with other players once a strong enough bond is built. Being kin with fellow players will provide an experience bonus when playing and leveling together. These are just two main features that Dragon Oath has which promote sociability and working together.

Another aspect that increases the social interactions in Dragon Oath is its quests. There are over 410 storyline quests and many of these quests are not easy to be finished by one player. Many monsters are stronger than those of other MMORPGs that players are need to team up in order to explore deep inside of each maps to finish quests.


Tell us a little more about the Master/Disciple feature. How will this impact game play and advancement?

Martin Tan:

The Master/Disciple feature was created to enhance the game play experience for both newcomers and veteran players alike. This feature offers a number of excellent benefits including an increase in experience gained while questing together, allowing you to level up faster and "beat the grind". An additional benefit is that the Disciple, often a new and inexperienced player, will have a mentor to guide them through the many features and functions of Dragon Oath. Overall it promotes a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

You have some unique classes in the game. Explain the dynamic of a class like the Taoist or Lotus Order.

Martin Tan:

Each of the nine classes in Dragon Oath has a unique and diverse background. The Taoist, for example, is a very noble magic using class that is incredibly fun to use. They do a large amount of magical damage with very little defense to protect themselves with. So for everyone who likes the "glass cannon" mentality, this is the class for them! Pyromancer is an all out attacker that is similar to Taoist but includes very strong physical attacks and elemental damage, but is weak defensively. Lotus Order is a powerful healing class that can also absorb damage. Great for players looking to have a magic based character with some longevity in battles. Royalty is a very balanced class that uses a lot of ranged physical and magical attacks. They are spectacular at ignoring an opponent's defense. Minstrel utilizes traps and hit and run tactics to pester enemies and have some very powerful skills. Voodoo uses poisons, draining, and debuffs to wear down an enemy before closing in for the kill. Assassin's are very stealthy and have a very high critical hit rate, and skills that are extremely powerful when used right. Shaolin is a very stout and powerful warrior. These guys have the highest defense and HP out of any of the classes and abilities to dish out some good damage of their own. Beggar's Alliance is a class that is very nimble and sports the highest evasion of any of the nine classes. Along with some great damage over time abilities it can be very hard to stop.

How will the classes fit together? What would group make up look like?

Martin Tan:

Each one of the classes brings something to the group. The Shaolin, for example, has the highest defense and HP so they often fall into the role of the "tank". The Voodoo, on the other hand, has the highest HP of the magic using classes and focuses on poisoning the enemy, killing them slowly over time. Meanwhile, the Lotus Order can revive other players and also heal every member of the party during combat. A strong and successful group will have players from all different classes filling out all the necessary roles of healer, tank, ranged combat, melee combat and more.


Players for each class get a pet to choose from. How will pets be used by players? What characteristics can we find in different pets?

Martin Tan:

The pet system in Dragon Oath is one of the most developed pet systems across all MMORPGs. To give a number, there are 276,000 different attributes and styles that players can raise their pets. There is a multitude of pets to choose from, all of them useful in combat, ensuring that all players will be able to find something they will love. Whether looking for something soft and cuddly like a panda or rough and tough like a rhino, players can tame them all in Dragon Oath. Every pet has a standard, rare and baby form, each with their own sets of attributes and abilities. Pets can also be bred to create powerful offspring who have a blend of their parents' abilities.

You have a very different mount system in the game. Talk about some of the mounts players can get as well as how they are used.

Martin Tan:

There are 70 different types of mounts that all players can choose. In addition to allowing players to travel around the world faster, the Dragon Oath mount system also allows one to show off their personality. While there are, of course, two class mounts available to the player, a quick stop by the local Token Shop will provide a huge variety of mounts to purchase. Ride around on a royal elephant and be king of the world. Hop onto a Pegasus and show the gods who is really in charge. Get into the Christmas spirit by dashing through the green fields in Santa's Sleigh! Some mounts even allow two players to ride on them at once. Sit back, relax and let friends do all the driving!

What types of PvP will the game have? How will players be rewarded for their efforts?

Martin Tan:

Dragon Oath's PvP system is much more than the typical 1v1 or arena style PvP. Instead players can chose to fight on their own, against both friends and enemies, or as a guild versus other guilds. But players must be careful. The more PvP a person engages in, the more crime points they will build. If players build up too many crime points they may have to spend the night in jail!

Player cities can be good and bad in MMOs talk about some of the challenges you had with this feature.

Martin Tan:

Player cities often require close monitoring and regulation so as to ensure that no inappropriate or harmful behavior is occurring. In pre-closed beta we have been quite lucky to have a community of mature players who run the cities with ease and grace. Moving into closed beta and eventually open beta and launch we will continue to monitor the player run cities and watch our players grow and evolve the cities into something grand.

What would a new player to MMOs find in Dragon Oath that is different?

Martin Tan:

a. All players should be sure to check out the unique and well developed pet system and elaborate set of life skills, both of which are sure to astound newcomers and veterans alike. With the variety of the nine classes, a rich online world and endless possibilities of being whoever they want to be, players will love what Dragon Oath has to offer.

Not many Free-to-Play MMORPGs offer over 70 types of mounts, 410 storyline quests that generate a huge interaction among players and 276,000 different attributes and styles of pets.

In working on the game, what areas are the most fun for developers?

Martin Tan:

As a developer it is fun to see the game go from nothing but an idea to something living and breathing, evolving every day. As a developer it is fun to sit back and watch the community enjoy and experience the being you brought to life. This title in particular has so many layers that we could spend a week listing them all. No matter what a person's previous MMO experiences have been, they will be sure to have a good time with Dragon Oath.

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