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Eyedentity Games Takes Over SEA Publication Duties

Dragon Nest SEA is getting a new lease on life thanks to Eyedentity Games. The company has worked with Cherry Credit, the former publisher of the game, to put the Users' Transfer Service into place. Eyedentity will relaunch the game under its own banner on Thursday, September 7th.

Strengthen Your Character Promo Event Revealed

EyeDentity Games has announced a new event for Dragon Nest NA players called "Strengthen Your Character". The event will allow players to try out the new Black Mara character, a spin-off class for the Sorceress. During the event, players will be able to get hold of a baralika weapon, shard of will, noble light weapon coupon and Varnak's Crest. Twenty randomly chosen users will also receive the Krasus Pink Costume as well.

Her Name is Kali Seeks to Awaken This Notorious Character

Eyedentity Games has announced that one of the most notorious Dragon Nest characters will be 'awakening' with the "Her Name is Kali" update in the future. To celebrate the big news, a new trailer has been released to show off Kali's new look and to give a first view of her in action.

New Raid, Granom Nest, arrives in game

The new publishers of Dragon Nest, Eyedentity Games, today announced a brand new raid is coming to the game. Called Granom Nest, the raid is for parties of 4 with 3 tries and a weekly reset.

Arch Heretic Character Announced Along with Massive Update

Eyedentity Games is ready to bring a lot of freshness to Dragon Nest with its next update. The patch will bring redesigned heroes, balance alterations and other quality of life improvements. In addition, the advanced Cleric character, the Arch Heretic, will be entering the game.

EYEdentity Games to Take Over Publishing on September 27th

EYEdentity Games has taken over North American publication duties for Dragon Nest beginning September 27th thanks to an agreement made with Nexon. Veteran and new players will receive some rewards when the game transition is complete.

Nexon America Reminds Players Of Publisher Change

Nexon America will be ending its publication of Dragon Nest NA on September 27th when it will be transferred to Eyedentity Games. Players can go to the new Dragon Nest site to see some of the new content and in-game activities that will take place when the Dragon Nest servers re-open on the 28th.

Silver Hunter Previewed For NA Version

The North American version of Dragon Nest will be updating later this week and most notably includes a new Hero class, the Silver Hunter. The Silver Hunter will be only available for a limited time and she will begin her journey at level 50, after receiving a box of goods to help her get started.

NA Players Invited to Explore the Twisted Territory

Dragon Nest NA players are being invited to begin exploring a vast new area of the game called the Twisted Territory. The official site has a preview of each of the zones within the Twisted Territory that also includes level and party information and rewards that can be earned for taking part.

Cherry Credits to Take Over EU Publication

Cherry Credits, current publisher of the SEA version of Dragon Nest, will be taking over from Shanda Games beginning March 16th. While the server structure, including all characters on an account, will remain the same, players will be required to create a Cherry Credits account in order to continue playing the game.

EU Servers Suffer Catastrophic Technical Failure, Data Lost

Dragon Nest EU servers suffered a severe technical failure in late January with servers only just now coming back online. As a result of the issue, most in-game data was lost including titles, missions, quests, achievements, and much more.

New Class Arrives In NA Version Next Week

Nexon has announced that a new class, Machina, will be added to the NA version of Dragon Nest with the next week's update. In addition, players that log in to the game between December 10 and December 31 will receive a free Machina Booster Pack. To celebrate the introduction of Machina a new trailer was released. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Becoming the King or Queen of Ghouls - Halloween Fete Begins

Shanda Games has announced that Dragon Nest EU players can now begin the journey to become the King or Queen of Ghouls during this year's Halloween celebration. Players will have a number of quests and activities to participate in that can yield some great rewards and perks.

EU Version Receives Summer Update, Including Lancer Class

Actoz Soft Europe (former Shanda Games) has announced that the summer update for Dragon Nest EU has been deployed that includes the new PvP tournament mode and new Lancer class.

First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader takes a look at another Nexon game. This time, it's Dragon Nest, a F2P Action MMO. Dragon Nest is a fantasy anime MMORPG that puts players into a PvP-focused world with a dynamic combat system. Players are able to utilize more and more powerful attacks through "chaining" their attacks. PvP matches are set in battle arenas rather than in an open world setting. Players can engage in Guild vs Guild, 1v1 and tower defense action with parties of players protecting their keep from hor