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Dragon Fin Soup Overview

Dragon Fin Soup is a tactical RPG with roguelike elements (permadeath, anyone?) inspired by the SNES RPGs of the 90s. Yet this one has a few twists, including many weird creatures to encounter, and characters like cheery, yet amnesiac heroine Red Robin, who likes her vengeance and her alcohol. While the game may look like a classic warped with a fairytale, the indie game aims to be both accessible and cater to players who want a taste of both RPGs and hardcore difficulty. The game was in development for over a year before Grimm Bros. launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to finish the project. Dragon Fin Soup will come to multiple platforms and could see planned expansions. FEATURES
  • Choose Your Play Style | Play the game as a traditional RPG with a fully fleshed out story with crafting, fishing, and custom character building. Or play it as a hardcore dungeon exploration RPG with permadeath. The choice - and whether you will be able to save - is up to you.
  • Throwback Style, Modern Features | Permanent death option, gameplay-impacting weather, and heroes with a twist are blended with a mix of JRPG-influence, dungeons, and difficulty.
  • Not Your Traditional Fantasy Story |The developers promise that the game won't be about the one person who can save a town from a big bad villain. With a Multiplatform Release - will be on PC, console, and handhelds.