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Dragon Eternity Overview

Dragon Eternity is a free-to-play, cross-platform fighting MMOG from Q1 and Game Insight that takes you into the world of dragons, who fought off destruction of the world of Adan three thousand years ago. Players choose to become a Berserk, Paladin, or Witcher, and join up with either the Empire of Sadar or the Empire of Vaalor to seek out their fame and fortune. From one-on-one duels to multiplayer instances, take the fight to the enemy anytime and anywhere. Level up characters to sixteen and pass the six Elder Dragon trials to become a Dragon-Knight, and obtain your dragon companion!


  • Classes | Berserk, max damage-dealing warriors; Paladin, skilled with a balanced attack and defense; Witcher, nimble warriors skilled at dodging attacks and scoring critical hits.
  • Character Progression | Sixty levels and twenty-six ranks to adventure through with open-ended, item-based character development.
  • Elemental Magic | Six forms: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Order, Chaos.
  • Dragons | Six dragon races: Flame, Water, Earth, Wind, Oder, Chaos. Train up to six unique dragon pets and ride ten different dragon mounts.
  • Crafting | Nine crafting and gathering professions, with over 200 crafting recipes.
  • Distinctive PvP Modes | 5 different PvP modes, including clan warfare, and three battlegrounds in the land of Tartu: the daily Tournament, Arena of Honor, and Seven Bridges of Shadan.
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