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    Action RPG
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    KoramGame Ltd
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    N/A (01/18/2017)
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Dragon Born Online Overview

Dragon Born Online is a free-to-play browser MMO currently being developed by Koram Games Ltd. Players take on the role of one who may possess the dragon bloodline. In ancient days, there was a terrible war between between dragons and demons, with humanity caught in the middle. The dragons won, but were only able to contain the demons, not destroy them. Only those born of the dragon bloodline have the power to vanquish them forever.

DBO will focus on bringing full-scale MMORPG quality gaming to players, but do so through your everyday web browser. A main engaging campaign will be available, complete with quests, dungeons, daily player events, and a unique character system, all accessible to casual and hardcore gamers. Go to the official website to register for the closed beta, and visit the Facebook and Twitter pages for early bird events, updates, and other fun events. More details to come as the game nears release, so stay tuned!

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