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Dragomon Hunter Articles

Latest Big Update Brings Cavalier Class On Board

Dragomon Hunter Online has had its largest update so far applied to all servers. Among other things, the patch brings the Cavalier class into the game alongside a level cap increase, the new talent system, new battle companions and more.

New Class & Two Dungeons Added in Latest Update

Aeria Games has announced that a new class and two new dungeons have been added to Dragomon Hunter Online. The Samurai is a dual-wielding close contact fighter who can utilize Katanas or Twin Halberds.

Can It 'Catch' An Audience?

In a sense, Dragomon Hunter reminds me of a more kid-centric Dragon’s Prophet which was sadly closed last month in North America. Dragomon Hunter charges players with a Pokemon-like system of defeating Dragomons throughout the game world that can become some pretty amazing mounts, each with a variety of speed options and the ability to level up over time. Will Dragomon Hunter Online "catch" an audience? Let's find out.

Massive 300v300 PvP Battleground to Feature Mounted Combat

Aeria Games has announced that the first update to Dragomon Hunter has been deployed. Players now have the opportunity to take part in mounted combat in massive 300v300 PvP battles on the Final Frontier battleground. Points earned during battle can be used to gain access to exclusive mounts that can be ridden in the Final Frontier.

Korean Version to be Updated with New Sniper Class

The Korean version of Dragomon Hunter Online called X-Legend will be getting an update soon that will include a new class called the Sniper. Snipers will come in two flavors, the Hunter who uses a boomerang and the Sharpshooter who uses a bow.

Founder's Pack Giveaway!

The folks at Aeria Games have provided us with 20 Dragomon Hunter Founder's Packs to give away.

Collect 'Em All - Open Beta Begins

Aeria Games has announced that the Dragomon Hunter Online open beta has officially kicked off. Players can get into the game and work to tame all of the Dragomon roaming throughout the world. To celebrate today's open beta, Aeria has released a brand new trailer taming a fierce Rock Gigant and taking on a massive Cobalt Wyvern.

Closed Beta Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader jumps into the closed beta of Dragomon Hunter, a half Pokemon - half Monster Hunter MMO. Get ready to begin an epic MMORPG journey in Dragomon Hunter. Team up with your friends to take down fierce Dragomon.

Closed Beta Kicks Off, More Testers to be Added Soon

Dragomon Hunter is now officially in closed beta testing. Those who have yet to be selected for inclusion in the CBT need not fret: More testers will be drawn from the pool of potential players who have already signed up on the game's official site. To celebrate the start of the CBT, Aeria Games has released a brand new trailer.

Anime-Voice Over Stars to Lend Talent

Aeria Games has announced that a slew of anime voice over stars will be adding their talent to the game. While localized in both English and French, players will have the option to turn on the original Japanese voiceovers.

Get a First Hand Look During Special Live Stream

The Dragomon Hunter team will be on hand for a special live stream event at 10:00 am Pacific / 1:00 pm Eastern today, Friday, October 2nd. During the stream, viewers will get a first hand look at the four classes, customization, points of interest, Dragomon, crafting and a co-op hunting session.

Founder's Packs Announced, CBT Starting October 15th

Fans of "collect them all" type games will be happy to hear that Dragomon Hunter Online will be starting closed beta testing beginning on October 15th. In addition, the Founder's Packs have been revealed, any one of which guarantees closed beta access. Prices range from $19.99 to $299.99, each with its own set of in-game perks.

Meet the 100+ Dragomon from the Upcoming MMO

Aeria Games wants to unleash 100+ Dragomon on the gaming world and to do so have released a brand new Dragomon Hunter video to introduce some of the monsters that will be populating the free to play game on launch.

The Dragomon Showcased

Players have already met the classes of Dragomon Hunter, and now it’s time to meet the monsters they’ll battle and tame! Publisher Aeria Games has just unveiled a new video that showcases a small selection of the 100+ wild and unique Dragomon populating the world of Wyveria. Dragomon Hunter is the upcoming free-to-play, monster-hunting, anime-style MMORPG that pits players and their friends against fearsome and fantastical creatures. Interested players can also visit the official website for

Full Class List Revealed

Aeria Games has announced the full class lineup for Dragomon Hunter, the anime-styled monster-hunting game. In addition to new information posted to the Dragomon site, the team has put together a handy video to give fans a look at each class. Check it out!