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"Subscriber" Numbers Surpass World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft can no longer claim to have more subscribers than any other game on the planet. DOTA2 now claims 7.86 million subscribers. The numbers, however, come with the caveat that "subscriber" to DOTA2 is a misnomer as the game is free to play, whereas WoW sees subscribers paying $15 per month to play.

The International Tournament to Begin May 12th

The DOTA2 teams are in place and the competition will begin on May 12th, all leading up to the epic conclusion of The International DOTA2 Tournament in July.

eSports Event Tickets Going Fast

ESL One Frankfurt is expected to be a well-attended eSports event that will showcase eight of the world's best DOTA 2 teams in a tournament with winners sharing a $150,000 prize package. The event is scheduled to take place in the Commerzbank-Arena and the first round of ticket sales is already sold out.

Perfect World Opens Super League in China

Perfect World Entertainment is working with Valve to bring a Super League, an eSports league, into existence in Mainland China. The official sites have opened up for players and teams to begin signing up. Teams will face off in a round robin tournament before heading to a double elimination round.

Nexon Partners with Valve for Asian Publication

Nexon and Valve have announced a partnership initiative that will see DOTA 2 published in both Japan and Korea. As of this writing, there is no announced date for the game's publication.

RTSGuru.com | Harassment Beyond The Lane Phase

RTSguru talks to two female DotA/DotA 2 players in regards to life as a woman in a competitive gaming world. What's it like being a lady in a nerdy man's world? Check it out at RTSGuru.com and find out.

Building a Better MOBA Community?

Valve's approaches to community in DOTA 2 are still mostly under wraps, but hints show an effort at a different kind of MOBA community. See what the RTSGuru.com editors have to say about it.

RTSGuru.com | Dissecting the Brewmaster and His Beer

This week, RTSGuru.com editors take a closer look at Brewmaster and his abilities in DOTA2. Is this former panda(ren) still worth his weight in beer? We take a look at what he's packing and decide! Read it all at RTSGuru.com.

RTSGuru.com | What We Can Expect – Part #2

Earlier this week, RTSGuru.com editors took a look at traditional trinity of the freemium MOBA market - announcer packs, couriers and skins. This week, they dive into the other aspects of what a F2P DOTA 2 might bring to the table. Check it out at RTSGuru.com.

RTSGuru.com | Lamentations of a Support Hero Player

The life of a support hero is not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise and - well, you get the picture. What bugs you most as a support player? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Check out this provocative new editorial at RTSGuru.com.

RTSGuru | Top Three Newbie Friendly DOTA 2 Heroes

Over at RTSGuru, help for the newbie to DOTA 2 with this roundup of the top three newbie friendly Intelligence heroes to play.

RTSGuru | On Racism, Rationale & Resolution in DOTA 2 Pt. 3

In the final edition of this editorial series, RTSGuru.com editors take a look at some of the possible solutions to the issues in DOTA2. Swing by to check it out and leave your comments.

RTSGuru | Racism, Rationale and Resolutions Part 2

Last week, RTSGuru editors took a hike into dangerous territory and commented on the hatred certain nationalities find themselves subject to in DOTA2. Today, the crew continues its look at the rationale behind this loathing. Check it out at RTSGuru.com.

RTSGuru | Racism, Rationale and Resolutions

In the first of a three part series, RTSGuru.com editors take a look at the racism present within the DOTA2 community, the rationale behind it and the possible solutions to the problem.

RTSGuru.com | Who Owns DotA?

Earlier today, we reported on the lawsuit filed by Blizzard against a trademark filing by Valve over the DOTA name. In a new piece at RTSGuru.com, Cassandra Khaw gives some of the background on the issue and her thoughts about what's in store for the two gaming titans.


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