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Production Ceases

PitchBlack Games has announced that development on Dominus has officially reached its end. The announcement came via the game's Facebook page.

Why Don’t They...

There’s a line in Robert Heinlein’s last novel that reads “Any question that starts out ‘why don’t they—‘ the answer is always ‘Money.’” And so begins our latest Developer Perspectives column. Intriguing, isn't it? Keep reading!

Translations in Community Management

Developers, in case you didn't know, have a secret language all of their own when communicating with their players. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at what is said and what it just might really mean. Check it out!

Message Board Warts

Message boards are both bane and boon to gamers everywhere. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at some of the forum denizens in their natural habitats and offer some thoughts. See what you think then leave your comments.

A Note to the Vocal Minority

We all know who they are...heck, some of us might -be- these guys. You know the ones we mean: The passionate followers of any game. In today's Developer Perspectives, we take a look at the 'vocal minority'. See what you think and then weigh in with your ideas in the comments.

The Beta Blues

Beta testing is just a quick way to get into our most anticipated MMO IMMEDIATELY...right? Right? Well, maybe not as today's Developer Perspectives opines. We mourn the loss of what used to be an actual testing period for games. Check it out and then add your thoughts in the comments....unless you're That Guy.

Big News Incoming?

According to a new post on the Dominus Twitter, the team may very well have a big announcement incoming soon.

Ask Pitchblack Devs Your Dominus Questions!

The fine folks over at Pitchblack Games have agreed to take on ten of your best Dominus related questions. So lay them on us, and act fast! We'll only leave the thread open for about a day!

Now Known Simply as 'Dominus'

PitchBlack Studios has announced that the game formerly known as Prime: Battle for Dominus will now simply be called "Dominus". A new Facebook page and website have been launched to reflect the name change.

Teaser Trailer World Premier

Pitchblack Studios has partnered with MMORPG.com to bring our readers an exclusive first look at the latest world release of a new teaser trailer from its inaugural MMO, Prime Battle for Dominus. Check out Prime Battle for Dominus Teaser Trailer World Premier and let us know what you think!

Developer Perspectives: The Startup Staff

In her latest column for MMORPG.com, Pitchblack Studios' Community Weenie Sanya Weathers once again gives her unique perspective on start up companies. This time, Sanya turns her laser-like gaze on the staff and what any company worth its salt needs. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Live Developer Chat TODAY!

Fans of three faction PvP will want to be on hand for a live developer chat featuring the folks behind Prime Battle for Dominus.

Getting Ready for 'Prime' Time

MMORPG.com Associate Editor Suzie Ford recently had the opportunity to head to Pitchblack Studios. While there, she met with the team and checked out Prime: Battle for Dominus, a game that is set to bring three-faction PvP back to the forefront of the MMO market. Read on to find out what Suzie discovered about the dev team and about Prime. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Bases Detailed & New Beta Footage Video

The Prime: Battle for Dominus site has been updated with new information about bases. Player-built military bases introduce an RTS-like element into the game.

Professions Detailed

The Prime: Battle for Dominus site has been updated with new information about the 'professions' that players can choose and how each one has its special niche in the game.