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Divinity: Original Sin Overview

Divinity: Original Sin is an RPG that is the followup to 2002's Divine Divinity. The game was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. It's centered upon the role of a Source Hunter looking to eliminate dangerous magic. But when a standard investigation into a murder goes wrong, a new adventure will open before you. Players will be able to create a team, make choices and see how the consequences of their actions bear out. With Divinity: Original Sin, the Larian team didn't just set out to create a followup in the same universe, but built this new one from the ground up with richly detailed environments and hours of turn-based gameplay. There are both single and co-op campaigns to enjoy, as well as an open world, exploration, new and returning locations, and plenty of mod tool support. The game will ship with the tools used to create it, letting players create their own adventures, which can also be shared in the community. FEATURES
  • New in the Divinity Series | A followup to the 2002 Divine Divinity, Original Sin features all new heroes and story in an open world filled with discoveries to be made, people to talk to, and choices to make
  • Play it Your Way | Divinity: Original Sin can be played single player (offline), together with a friend as a co-op game, or with online and local drop-in and drop-out multiplayer. Not only will you have freedom over your choices in the story (consequences and choices, even disagreements, will affect how things go), but in how you get there too.
  • Turn-based party-centric gameplay | Party-based turn-based combat will encourage players to shape and control the game's environments, and to discover and utilize various skill and spell combos that you can choose for your party members.
  • Create custom adventures | A tool kit to create your own adventures in the very same tools the developers use will be included with the game. This will allow players to shape their game worlds even more, as well as share their creations with the community.