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Digimon Masters Online Articles

White Day Comes to Digimon

A brand new holiday for Digimon Masters Online is coming to the game from now until March 25th. Read on to see what it entails.

Psychemon to Join Game for a Short Time

Joymax has announced that the very shy Psychemon will be joining Digimon Masters Online in the near future. Covered in bright fur, Psychemon has a special dance that can unleash some awesome attacks.

Baihumon Joins the Game

Digimon Masters players can take advantage of great prices in the in game item store and check out the latest Digimon to be added to the game's ranks. Baihumon is the most powerful of the Holy Beasts and packs a mean punch.

Pumpkinmon Needs Your Help

Digimon Masters players need to hop into the game to check out the Halloween happenings. Pumpkinmon has put out a call for help during this month-long event.

Returning to Memories of Youth

Digimon Masters Online is a game that is purposely designed to bring back fond childhood memories in older gamers, yet simultaneously appeal to younger gamers. We've checked out Digimon Masters Online and have our full review for your reading pleasure. See what we have to say before adding your thoughts to the comments.

Celebrating Its First Anniversary

Joymax is inviting all Digimon Masters Online players to check out the events surrounding the game's first anniversary. The team has all sorts of special surprises including events and contests, "such as a chance of winning a special Digi-Egg or gathering delicious birthday cakes to celebrate."

Carnival of Dreams Event Launches

Digimon Masters Online players will want to check into the game from today through March 20th to participate in the Carnival of Dreams event. During the special event, players will be able to take advantage of double XP gains during the week and triple XP gains on weekends. In addition, three new Digimon are included and players logging in on a daily basis will receive various boosts.

Two New Mercenaries Arrive

JoyMax has announced that two new mercenaries have been released into Digimon Masters. New trainers Keenan and Falcomon are now available in the game.

Return of the Data Squads

JoyMax has announced that the recent holiday events in Digimon Masters will end on January 10th but that more excitement is around the corner with the new Digi-Egg Mercenaries, new enemies and new trainers with sidekicks.

Christmas Events Launched

Digimon Masters players have a lot to look forward to this holiday season with the arrival of the "Joy to the World" event in game. The Christmas event will run through January 10th.

First of Several Patches Deployed

Joymax has been working closely with its community to make several key improvements in Digimon Masters. The team has plans to deploy several patches, the first of which has been released.

Adding to a Collection

The Digimon Masters site has been updated with new information about how players can add new Digimon to their collections.

Launch Date Set for Digimon Masters

JoyMax has announced that Digimon Masters will officially launch on Tuesday, October 25th. The new iteration of the Digimon Battle game will feature enhanced graphics and real-time combat versus the original turn-based combat.

Digimon Masters Online Coming Soon

Wemade Entertainment has announced that Digimon Masters Online will be arriving by the end of 2010 and will immerse players into the world of the Digital Data Squad. Digimon Masters Online will feature an RPG experience, enhanced graphics and realtime combat. There are few other details available but Wemade has promised to reveal more over the coming weeks.