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Diablo Immortal Articles

Diablo Immortal Adds New PvP Mode, Tower War, 42 New Legendaries, and Improves Survivor's Bane

Diablo Immortal's latest update lands this week, with Survivor's Bane improvements, a new PvP mode, 42 new Legendaries, fixes, and returning events.

Diablo Immortal Optimizes Familiars, Unveila Battle Pass Theme, and Adds New Twists to Returning Events

Diablo Immortal's next Battle Pass, "The Consumed" is coming, along with optimizations for Familiars, new bounties, and Tong-Shi's Renewal limited event in time for Lunar New Year. There's also a series of new modifiers that will add a twist to several returning events.

Diablo Immortal Season 22: Plague Reaper Adds Helliquary Raid Matchmaking, Battle Pass and Returning Events

Diablo Immortal is beginning to roll out its latest content update, with Season 22: Plague Reaper and a new Battle Pass, events, balance changes, and feature updates included.

Diablo Immortal Adding More Storage Options, New Essence Transfer Gear Preview, and Returning Events

Diablo Immortal delivers on promises for an additional Stash tab and more new features, along with returning events in this week's new update.

The Southern Dreadlands Open, New Helliquary Bosses, and Familiars Come to Diablo Immortal

Familiars arrive in Diablo Immortal with Splintered Souls, a huge update that also opens the Southern Dreadlands Zone, adds a new daily event, free trials for Gems, and

Preview Diablo Immortal's Next Major Update, Splintered Souls, With New Zone, Challenges, and Familiars

Prepare to welcome Familiars to Diablo Immortal in the next major update, Splintered Souls. There's a new zone, new story quests, new events, challenges, more Inferno levels, Helliquary Bosses, and even a tower-defense stle event.

Diablo Immortal Season 20: Unholy Passengers Leads into Next Update, Adds Battleground Updates

Diablo Immortal is preparing for its next major content update, but before that arrives, here comes the Season 20 Battle Pass and seasonal theme: Unholy Passengers.

Diablo Immortal Makes Two Improvements to Gems, Sets Up Harvest Bounty  and Returning Events

This week, Diablo Immortal adds some new features, including two affecting gems, a camera improvement, balance tweaks, and some returning events. The update also sets the foundation for the upcoming Harvest Bounty event.

Diablo Immortal Improves Features and Events, and Preps For Season 19 Battle Pass, Spawn of Destruction

Diablo Immortal is getting ready for its Season 19 Battle Pass, Spawn of Destruction. This week's update also adds new Legendary items, several feature improvements, and returning events. 

Diablo Immortal Will Unleash Costumes and Undead for Halloween and Let You Easily Repeat Dungeons

The latest Diablo Immortal update will begin the Hallow's Wake event, add new cosmetics, balance changes, events, and the ability to replay dungeons.

Diablo Immortal Dark Rebirth Update Adds Tristram Cathedral and New Team PvP

Tristram Cathedral is making its way into the next major Diablo Immortal update, Dark Rebirth. The update brings a new main quest, dungeon, new PvP mode, and even The Butcher drops by.

Diablo Immortal Makes Trial of the Hordes PvP More Chaotic and Rewarding, and Major Changes to Battlegrounds.

Diablo Immortal's latest update goes live tomorrow, with the Trial of the Hordes Unleashed PvP event, other returning events, Battlegrounds and matchmaking changes, and more.

Diablo Immortal Adds Training Grounds, Brings Back Conqueror, Adds New Legendaries, and a New Battle Pass

Diablo Immortal's 17th Season is coming with the new update, which also adds dozens of new Legendary items, a new Battle Pass, atweaked Conqueror PvP event, and the arrival of Training Grounds.  

Diablo Immortal Opens New PvP Event and Making Legendary Gems You Want Easier to Get

This week, Diablo Immortal's new update brings a new PvP event, Wild Brawl, brings back other events, and adds a way to get more of the Legendary Gems that you need. This week, the PC version leaves open beta for its full launch.

Diablo Immortal Previews 'Howling Terror' Battle Pass, Battleground Improvements, and Upcoming Features

Diablo Immortal is previewing its 16th Battle Pass, "Howling Terror" making more changes to ensure fairer Battleground play and detailing some new features on the way.