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Diablo III: Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch Live Action Trailer

Blizzard is sending Switch players to hell (and back, hopefully) with the arrival of Diablo 3: The Eternal Collection on Switch. To celebrate, the team has released a new live-action trailer that's as much fun to watch as it is to play D3 on the go. Check it out!

7 Minutes of Nintendo Switch Gameplay (60FPS)

During Gamescom 2018, IGN managed to get a hands-on preview of Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch. While there is no external view of the game, it provides a look at the control system and at gameplay at 60 FPS.

Yes, It IS Coming to Switch & With Nintendo-Themed Items - Here's the Proof

Yesterday, a leak came out that suggested that Diablo 3 would be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Today, we have the official announcement trailer as confirmation that Blizzard's ARPG is coming "this fall to Nintendo Switch"!

Is, or Was, the Druid Planned for D3? One Streamer Thinks So

With the more halcyon days of Diablo 3 behind it and with many players believing the game has been put on "maintenance mode" by Blizzard, one intrepid YouTuber has been datamining PTR and various fan theories speculating that the Druid class is, or at least was, planned for D3.

Female Necromancer  - Just Gameplay

The beta for Diablo 3's Necromancer class is ongoing, and we're in there! We've got some footage of the female Necro right here for you, so enjoy! Check out the crazy corpse explosion at around 9 minutes in.

20th Anniversary Retrospective

Members of the original development team talk about the idea behind the Diablo series, their favorite moments and much, much more in this awesome 20th anniversary retrospective video.

The Darkening of Tristram - Fresh Meat! (Just Gameplay)

The Darkening of Tristram event for Diablo 3 is on the PTR for Blizzard's ARPG. We dove in head first to play the first few levels of the re-imagined Diablo 1 - and ran smack dab into the butcher. Watch the first 15 or so minutes of Diablo 1 in D3, and let us know what you think!

Patch 2.4.0 Preview: Greyhollow Island

Diablo III Patch 2.4.0 is almost here! Get a first look at our latest Adventure Mode exclusive zone, Greyhollow Island! This cursed, forested land is stepped in mystery and devoid of civilized life. Can you uncover the secrets of this isle and survive its madness?

BlizzCon 2015 - The Big Patch!

Diablo 3 didn't get a new expansion announcement at this year's BlizzCon, but that doesn't mean it's not getting a slew of new content in its next big patch, 2.4. We chatted up a couple of the devs to find out all the details about the next big update, and when you can expect to see over 50 new legendaries, new zones, new dungeons, and more all hit the PTR.

Not a Cow Level Gameplay Video

We didn't find the cow level this weekend. And this is not a video of what happened after we entered that level. Nor is it a video of us killing the Cow Queen and taking on the Bovine Hordes of the Cow King. Nope, not at all.