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Alvir’s Legacy Launches Today

Today marks a big day for Trion’s Action MMORPG. Devilian’s getting a big new patch in the form of Alvir’s Legacy. With an increased level cap, new dungeons, new gear sets, new PVP currency, and Alvir artifacts, there’s a lot to be checked out when the patch goes live later today.

Sponsored The Fury of the Tempest has Arrived

Today marks the launch of The Fury of the Tempest update for Trion Worlds and Bluehole Ginno's Action MMORPG, Devilian. Along with the brand new Tempest class, the level cap is boosted to 54, and the Devilian level cap is increased to 30, with tons of new content to explore.

Life in the Alpha So Far

It took a long time to bring ArcheAge over to the US and EU when Trion imported XLGAMES’ MMO. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Bluehole Ginno’s Action MMORPG, Devilian. Now just a few short weeks into the founder’s alpha the NDA has been lifted and Trion says beta is right around the corner. Today, we’re offering our thoughts on the alpha so far.

PAX Prime 2015 Hands-On with the Action MMORPG

Every time Suzie Ford and I chat about Diablo, I always wind up bemoaning the lack of fantasy MMORPGs that play like Diablo. I really and thoroughly enjoy action RPGs. I have since D1 first scared the crap out of me with the Butcher. You’ll imagine my excitement then that Trion and Bluehole Ginno’s Devilian really is every bit the Action MMORPG I’ve been wanting for over a decade.

Hands On with a Half-Devil

At first glance, Devilian looks like your typical isometric hack-and-slash action-RPG. But, beyond the Diablo-esqe art style lies an approachable MMO, with hints of a deep itemisation and ability system that promises to keep theorycrafters busy. As I went hands-on with the title at Gamescom, it quickly became clear why Trion Games decided to pick up the title from Korean studio Bluehole Ginno: satisfying short-burst gameplay.

Trion's New Game is an Action MMORPG

Trion Worlds is pleased to announce the next game it’s bringing stateside as publisher, Bluehole Ginno’s Devilian Online. Yes, the development studio behind TERA has a new game, and it’s an Action RPG with a persistent MMO world. For the sake of not having to say that over and over, we’ll just call it an Action MMORPG.