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Zombies are Eating my Neighbors

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Zombies are the greatest threat to society today. Despite our government’s efforts to step up airport security, the zombie threat continues to grow larger and more dangerous every day. And yet so many people are blissfully unaware of the dangers of the modern zombie.

That is why Earth Eternal celebrates May as Zombie Awareness Month, a time for those knowledgeable about the subject to teach and train others about the growing dangers of the zombie menace. In Earth Eternal, the mascot of Zombie Awareness month is the lovable zombie “Deadhead” which may or may not have been named after a cheesy 90’s movie, a jam band, or a PSP game I saw in a bargain bin somewhere.

Deadhead wanders from town to town with one simple goal: collecting brains. Where those brains come from, Deadhead does not care. But the most ready available source of brains is the small army of zombies that follow Deadhead around. These hopelessly dead creatures wander around, aimlessly bumping into each other, waiting for a player to blow them to pieces with a well placed fireball. Afterwards, the player can scoop up the leftover brains and hand them over to Deadhead. He’ll rummage through his products and hopefully award you with something that isn’t gross. But where did Deadhead come from? Why are Zombies sprouting up around Earth Eternal? Why does he carry Credit Shop items in his pocket to reward players with? These are some of the mysterious we need to solve. Throughout the month, Commander Kathan of Camelot has been rallying players to seek the answers to these questions. Indeed, the hints have been dropped as to the origins of Deadhead and the zombie invasion, and players have yet to make an organized effort to solve them. What rewards await the player who solves the mystery of the zombie invasion? Probably a far greater reward than Deadhead himself could ever offer. So for those interested adventurers seeking greater fortunes, take the time to look for clues. While many of your players are so intent on helping Deadhead in exchange for some small reward, one of you could potentially solve the mystery… and if you’re interested in the greater reward… I’ll give you a hint, pay attention to what Deadhead has to say when you send him a private message =)


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